I’m a country girl – I refuse to wear a regular shirt on the farm, no one expects what I really have on | The Sun

A SELF-DESCRIBED country girl has offered curious fans an insight into life on a farm.

Influencer and TikTok star Nikki Neisler left viewers stunned when she shared what she wears on a daily basis.

In a clip, the influencer, who lives in San Diego, claimed that she refuses to sport a regular shirt while grafting on the farm.

But, Neisler admitted that she’s battling a “farmer’s tan” as she wears a crop top.

In several viral clips, the so-called country girl is often seen wearing the attire.

She also claimed that she’s been bombarded with questions such as “Do you really wear it for work”, and if she can drive a tractor.

Neisler sarcastically joked that she changes her outfit moments before she records a TikTok clip.

One fan said: “I see you can speak sarcasm fluently. I appreciate that.”

Dozens of viewers have described Neisler as “gorgeous” and “sweet”.

But, others have claimed that they’ve never seen a farm girl who sports long, sharp painted nails.

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Neisler, who has since left her life in the country to pursue a career in marketing, has revealed that she listens to western-style music when she gets homesick.

She shared a series of clips where she’s horseback riding and traveling along the back roads.

She claimed that country songs are “more than just music”, describing them as “underrated”.

Meanwhile, another self-described country girl, known as Cayla, has shared her secret that makes folks go “yeehaw”.

She sported an oversize plaid shirt and teamed it with a western-style hat and cow-print boots.

Then, in a sudden transformation, her flannel shirt disappeared.

Cayla was left standing in her hat, boots, and some skivvies.

In another clip, she was seen sporting the outfit while standing by the pool.

She also revealed a close-up of her tattoos and a bright red bikini.

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