I’m a couponing obsessive & never pay full price, my stockpile’s massive & I sell stuff for twice the price I buy it

SOME people see saving money as a personal challenge and get a kick from wiping a few quid of their bill.

But searching for deals is a full-time "job" for Alley, a couponing obsessive who never pays full price for a single thing.

"This is my stockpile. I coupon and save money. I don't waste no money. I don't pay full price for nothing. NOTHING," she wrote in a video shared on TikTok.

In fact, the coupon queen has so many discounted goodies piled up that she's transformed her garage into a mini shop of it's own and it has all the toiletries and cleaning products you can imagine.

Proud of her money-saving ways, Alley, 29, now shares content on YouTube and TikTok while showing off her very impressive haul.

Not only does she save on a range of household goods, but she often resells items for more than what she paid.

I coupon 5 days a week constantly. This is my 'job' so I have way more than the normal couponer.

Her TikTok account details her couponing ways and one video offers a "tour" of her super organised stockpile stash.

The timber shelves which line the walls in her garage are stacked full of items including razors, body wash, toothpaste and loo roll – plus a handful of tubs stacked and filled with other bits.

"Don’t get discouraged! I coupon 5 days a week constantly. This is my 'job' so I have way more than the normal couponer," she captioned the clip before detailing her methods in another.

You see, Alley appears to have more product than she will ever need so she makes a profit by reselling them in yard sales.

"Every Saturday I put up the things that I coupon during the week and not only am I putting things up and sorting but I'm actually writing down how much I paid for items so when I resell the stuff I know how much I need to tag it for during the yard sales," she said in one clip.


Responding to someone who asked what she does with it all, Alley said: "I donate, give to family and yard sales."

While the thrifty shopper is "still picky with my shampoo and conditioner" they "use whatever we can save on" when it comes to other products.

Alley has racked up over 90,000 followers on the platform with many people desperate to learn how to save so much money.

Alley revealed that she scans coupons and stores while her man is sleeping as that's when she can get the most done.

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