I'm a dog trainer – the breeds first-time owners should never get including a popular one that's a 'walking vet bill' | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL trainer has listed the five breeds to best avoid if you're a first-time dog owner.

From the adorable sausage dogs to the more loyal golden retriever, there are dozens of dog breeds to choose from.

But if you're currently looking for a new pet, one expert in the industry has offered a helping hand by revealing the breeds that are best left with more experienced owners.

The guru, known as @ksdogtraining on TikTok, started off the list with huskies, which she reckoned are too hyper for someone who's never had a dog.

''They are loud, they have lots of energy.

''And unless you have some sort of training with huskies and you are going to give them a job once you get one – wouldn't recommend.

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''Not to mention, they also shed more than pretty much any other breed out there.''

What about the German shepherd? If this was your top pick, you may want to rethink this decision, as the expert advised to give this breed a miss too.

''Now don't get me wrong, I will own one of these dogs one day.

''But for some dog owners, wouldn't recommend. They need an experience handler and unless you have experience, you probably shouldn't own one.''

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When it comes to finding the perfect dog if this is your first pet, the whizz also insisted that Belgian malinois is not necessarily the wisest decision.

Describing this popular breed, she said in her video: ''Take the German shepherd, multiple it by two and add a sprinkle of psycho on top and that's what Belgian malinois is.

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''0/10, would never recommend for a first-time owner.''

Next, the guru mentioned pitbulls and although they're great as dogs, this breed too requires a lot of energy.

To make matters worse, she also claimed that pitbulls often come with heaps of health issues.

''They're usually a walking vet bill,'' she chuckled.

Last up in the now-viral clip, the dog trainer talked about rottweilers, which she had noticed have problems with aggression and insecurity.

Chatting to her 19k followers on the popular social media platform, the whizz added in the caption: ''This is my personal opinion as a trainer if 10 years.''

But despite her professional expertise, not everyone shared the same thoughts, with one hitting back: ''Rottweilers are the perfect first dog. They aim to please their owners.

''Just train them well.''

Another agreed, writing: ''I am a first owner of a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler. Great experience with both. Great protectors.

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''All in how you raise them.''

A fellow husky fan commented: ''First dog was a husky. Best decision I ever made.''

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