I’m a Dollar Tree superfan – some kitchen items are great quality and last for years but there’s a key product to avoid | The Sun

THIS Dollar Tree superfan claims that the store has plenty of kitchen items that could last years due to great quality, but there's a key product to avoid the next time you're there.

According to a recent video from home and lifestyle expert Maddi, who goes by the username @peachyymaddi on TikTok, there are specific brands of kitchenware that are fairly reliable at Dollar Tree.

"When it comes to kitchen items at Dollar Tree, McCormick and Betty Crocker are gonna be your best friends," Maddi explains.

She then shows viewers some McCormick kitchen utensils like a few spatulas that are affordable and yet still quality.

According to Maddi, they are allegedly not only the safest options but the most reliable for your needs.

"These are the safest options, these are the tried and true," she says.

Maddi explains that she has had some of Dollar Tree's spoons for over five years now as well.

She urges that it's best to stick to name brands whenever possible for kitchenware at Dollar Tree, and also notes that the brand of Cooking Concepts is one to avoid.

"Definitely steer towards the name brands at Dollar Tree, and stay away from Cooking Concepts," Maddi says.

Although she doesn't detail any specific reasoning as to why, based on what she has detailed about the quality and reliability of the other name brands, it's likely that she feels Cooking Concepts kitchenware lacks in those areas.

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However, rather than focusing on a specific brand, the one item that should remain off your Dollar Tree list is their oven mitts, according to Maddi.

"There's simply just no room to change my mind like I have been burned so many times," Maddi claims.

Based on her personal experiences, the oven mitts appear to allegedly not protect the wearer enough from the heat of whatever they grab with it.

She has made prior videos detailing her disapproval of the oven mitts before as well.

However, other Dollar Tree shoppers have had differing opinions, noting that they have had no bad experiences with the item.

"Am I the only one who doesn’t get burnt by their oven mits? I literally only buy those😂," one shopper noted.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Dollar Tree for comment on the effectiveness of the product.

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