I’m a female lifeguard – people always tell me I'm 'hot' and pretend they're drowning so I save them | The Sun

A FEMALE lifeguard has had enough of hearing the same old tried and tested jokes at the poolside – at her expense.

It might come with the territory, but it's hard to keep pretending she's never heard them before.

Now she has shared a selection on her platform, but some of her fans are failing to get the irony.

But many others are loving TikToker Ella (@ellaes), who is the quintessential Baywatch babe.

Blonde-haired, and blue-eyed, she even wears a red cossie, with ‘Guard’ printed on the front.

In her post, Ella shared some of the cliched questions she gets asked at the poolside.

With thumping backtrack, she captioned her video: “Things people have said to me being a lifeguard."

First up is one she has heard dozens of times: “I’m drowning can you save me.”

Ella responded with a, “No thanks,” but some of her followers thought she was being serious.

Next comment she met with a weary eye roll: “Can you even swim?”

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She gets bored with such trifling questions and answers: “Obviously.”

Some swimmers wanted to know if she was like the Sandlot lifeguard movie character, Wendy Peffercorn.

Peffercorn was tricked into performing artificial respiration after rescuing a young man, who claimed he could not swim.

“So you’re like Wendy Peffercorn?” swimmers have asked her – a lot.

“I am her, correct,” said Elle, who decided to just go along with it.

Finally, the inevitable question: “Lifeguards are hot.”

Eyes raised heavenwards again, she agreed: “We know,” said Elle.

Some comments struggled with her irony, but many more were in awe.

“What’s the point of being a lifeguard if you won’t save them?” was a question of the minority, who didn’t understand her humor.

Nonetheless, this fan would ask her for help anytime: “I’m drowning in my bath, help!”

Several lifeguards shared their experiences: “Lol as a guard I loved it when people would say I’m drowning. I would say you’re speaking so you’re ok.”

Another asked: “Seriously, how many guys have pretended to be drowning?”

“I’m a lifeguard and I have heard the same remarks too,” said another peer.

It seemed it wasn’t just Elle’s experience: “Lol 100% when I was lifeguarding on the Mississippi coast they did it to every woman I worked with.”

Similarly: “I’m drowning in laughter. My niece is a lifeguard and so many people try to fake drowning and she just sends the guys to do it.”

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Supportive words from this follower who appreciated what she did: “Can I just say you’re appreciated for what you do. It’s a job that you never actually want to do but it takes a special person.”

Finally, one fan swooned: "Nothing beats a beautiful blonde with gorgeous blue eyes."

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