I’m a female welder – fans say I look hot in my overalls covered in ash & when I get ready for the weekend | The Sun

A FEMALE welder says her fans think she’s hot – in and out of her ash covered overalls.

Tik Tok user Ashlyn – who posts as @metalstikerash – can be seen in one of her videos hard at work.

She's got her protective helmet on and has a hammer in her hand, while her face is covered in dirt.

But then we see her after a glam transformation for the weekend, after ditching her overalls.

“How do I go from this during the week, to this on the weekends,” the caption to her video says.

Judging from the comments, it seems her fans agree with her.


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One said she was “absolutely beautiful” while another added “and just like that I'm in love”.

It comes as another female welder thinks she goes from a five to a 10 once she is out of her safety gear.

The Tik Tok user known as @theblondewelder has built up an army of fans with her posts about her life and doesn’t seem to care what detractors think.

In the social media post titled “Cries in rich and pretty” she posted contrasting images of herself – in and out of her work gear – with the caption “trades women are gross”.

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The short clip, accompanied by the sound of a woman laughing, starts with the woman wearing her work gear, including a hi-viz jacket and a protective hard hat and visor.

She then raises her hand up and laughs.

It then cuts to her out of her work gear and she is seen wearing a pink top with her blonde hair down.

Earlier this month, a female mechanic also proved you can look good even while getting grimy.

Melissa is a mechanic and digital content creator.

She posts her blue collar work-related content on TikTok under the handle @thedieselqueen.

Melissa took to the social media platform to reveal her day job and how she styles herself when she's on the clock.

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