I’m a female wrangler – it’s been my dream since I was a child, people ask if they can come work with me | The Sun

A HORSE-OBSESSED young woman has proven that dreams really can become a reality.

TikToker Abi Parry’s (@abiparry0) post has fed the fantasies of many of her followers.

So far her video of life as a female wrangler has gotten over 104,000 likes.

Abi knows what she's doing is pretty special: “My childhood dream,” she says in her post.

A wrangler is in charge of horses or livestock on a ranch, but on this farm, Abi is part of a team.

Knowing it was something she desperately wanted to do, she sent her CV off to a number of ranches in Canada and struck lucky.

She was offered a position on a ranch in the stunning wilderness of British Colombia.

Her TikTok is a love letter to her life as a wrangler.

There’s no doubt it is hard work, and slackers would not last long there.

Abi, however, loves every single minute, even the early starts and late nights.

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The bonus is being around beautiful horses and the chance to go out trail riding twice a day.

It really is the stuff of dreams, and she is living it.

Bleary-eyed, her video starts at 6:00am. “Wake up and get ready for work,” she starts her post.

Dressed in regulation cowboy boots and denim blue jeans, Abi heads out ready for a day’s work.

The sun is barely over the horizon, but she is already in the yard, feeding the horses.

There’s a lot to do before they start to tack the horses.

But by 9:15am she is rewarded and saddles up: “Mount up and trail ride,” she says.

Her whole routine is repeated again after a midday rest and finally to bed at 10:00pm.

It’s a country life and she is loving every minute of it.

Commenters were wowed with her life on the ranch, with a lot of envy too.

“As someone who’s worked on a ranch can confirm. It’s hard work but so enjoyable if you really love what you do,” said one fan.

Others wished they had the same opportunity: “This has been my dream my whole life to do this.”

While another said: “It’s tough watching someone live your dream.”

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One follower was very tempted: “This close to packing it all in and moving to Canada to live on a ranch.”

Finally and poignantly, another viewer said: “I would trade everything I have to live that life.”

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