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A GARDENING whizz has revealed how to revive your sun scorched plants with almost no effort.

The last few days, when the UK experienced its hottest day ever with the temperature reaching 40.3C, have left most feeling a big rough and exhausted.

But it's not just us who have been affected by the extreme scorcher – if you haven't been taking care of your plants properly, you will notice some of the leaves have wilted and have even become yellow.

Luckily, as reported by The Express, there are a few ways to bring them back to life.

"Just like humans, indoor plants get sunburned,'' said the experts from Den Garden.

"Bright hot sun on an indoor plant will surely scorch the foliage leaves."

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Although houseplants need sunlight to grow and live, many prefer to be situated out of direct sunlight, as too much of it can even lead to sunscald.

The Den Garden experts explained: "During warmer weather, the sun tends to have an insidious effect on indoor plants.

"Even if the plants are in the sun for a few minutes, the sunburn spots appear on the surface hours later."

Similarly to our skin, you will notice the leaves will also change their colour after basking in the sun for too long.

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Not only will the leaves turn yellow or in some cases white, plants exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight will also begin to wilt.

Experts from Gardening Know How explained: "Generally, heat stress of a plant will show itself by wilting, which is a sure sign that water loss has taken place.

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"If this is ignored, the condition will worsen, as the plants will eventually dry up, turning a crunchy brown before dying.

"In some cases, yellowing of the leaves may occur."

How to revive your houseplants

The key thing is to find out whether your plants like sitting in the sun.

Some plants, for example succulents, thrive in such conditions, whereas Monstera, also known as Swiss Cheese plant, prefer minimal sunlight.

If you find your plant looking wilted, it's best to move it to a room in your home that is slightly cooler and away from the windows.

It is also important to note that once the leaves have sunburnt, they will not be able to be revived.

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The best thing to do is to cut off the damaged areas and ensure your plant has enough water – you can do this by sticking your finger roughly one inch into the soil.

If it feels dry to touch, it's time for your plant to visit the hydration station.

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