I'm a gardening whizz, these are the best houseplants to prevent mould from growing in your home

MOULD can begin to develop in any damp space in the home.

Once it's set in can be pricey and time consuming to remove.

It's always better to prevent it taking a hold in the first place, luckily there is a simple solution.

Air purifying plants can greatly reduce the amount of humidity in the air, which can often lead to mould.

Some of the most effective plants include English Ivy, which can reduce indoor mould counts.

One study by West Coast Clinical Trials even found that the plant dropped the amount of toxins by 60% when added to a container with mouldy bread.

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Another great option is the Peace Lily, while plants don't usually fair well in bathrooms, this one will thrive.

Since it doesn't need much light to survive, it is almost fool proof.

It's a great spot to keep a plant as bathrooms can be hotspots for mould growth due to leaky pipes, dripping tips and damp.

The Boston Fern is another great one for bathrooms for the same reason, it doesn't need much direct sunlight to thrive.

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Thisplant not only looks incredibly chic but doubles up as a pretty effective air scrubber.

Ferns are especially great at removing formaldehyde from the air.

Golden Pathos also feature on the list of amazing air cleaners, the heart shaped leaves not only look great but serve a purpose.

This plant is perfect for hanging or placing on top of a shelf of bathroom cabinet with its long leaves.

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Spider Plants are also perfect for mouldy spots in the home and can help remove nasty toxins from the air in just a matter of days.

They're a pretty low maintenance plant, only requiring occasional watering and some indirect sunlight.

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