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NEARLY every single one of us wants healthier, longer hair. 

But with so much conflicting advice online, who knows what we should be doing to our hair?

Luckily one hairdresser is setting the record straight and has shared her five top hair care tips. 

Emmie Hair Salon in Perth, Scotland, known online as @emmiehair, often shares hair hacks with its 7,400 followers. 

In one of their latest videos, one of their stylists shared five things she recommends to every client – and that includes not scrubbing your roots when your wash your hair.

“Five tips from a hairdresser. 

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“When shampooing, only scrub your roots, not your ends. 

“When combing hair, always start at your ends and work up. 

“Apply hair serum to your ends every day. 

“Never use hair tools above 200 degrees. 

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“Get your hair trimmed regularly to encourage growth.” 

Fans loved the healthy hair tips, with the video gaining more than 9,900 likes and 366,000 views. 

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In the comments, the salon’s followers shared their own, with one writing: “Y’all… when you don’t trim your hair it splits all the way up the shaft over time.”

Others asked what products the hairdresser would recommend, with one writing: “What serum?”

@emmiehair replied: “We love the L'Oréal mythic oil!”

She’s not the only one offering hair care tips online – TikTokker @kokothemoon shared how she used one kitchen ingredient to lighten her hair. 

In her recent video, she said: “So I ran out of bleach and I saw on the internet that I could use bicarbonate [of] soda and, like, developer, and I’ve got probably five sessions of black box dye on my hair.”

Her followers were blown away by the results, with one writing: “As a hairdresser, I am speechless really. I’m blimmin using it!”

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