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A HOOTERS waitress is made of more than just a white crop top and orange booty shorts – they have other outfits too.

One former employee rated all her old Hooters uniforms and revealed she had to size down to an XS.

TikTok lifestyle and beauty creator Rose used to work at her local Hooters.

Now, the 22-year-old has formed her brand through the content she designs and publishes on social media.

But her Hooters experience isn't so much a thing of the past as she openly discusses her experiences.

In a recent video, Rose tried on all of her old uniforms and rated which ones she liked the best.


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"Felt like trying them all on, I don't know," Rose says.

The classic get up is up first.

Rose puts on a white Hooters tank top and the iconic orange spandex shorts.

"It's cute. It's comfortable. It's fine. It's flattering. I give it like a 6/10. Orange isn't really my color, but I like it," she admits.

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Despite her distaste for the color orange, Rose keeps the shorts on and switches her tank top for a white V-neck long-sleeve.

Her rating is 10/10, but that score is contingent on the restaurant's temperature.

"I think it's the most flattering, but when I start working, I start sweating, and I sweat right through it," Rose says.

"So, 6/10 for that."

Although Rose is usually a size small to medium, she notes her Hooters uniforms are small tops and XS bottoms for a "more" flattering fit.

Switching over to the darker options, Rose puts on the black tank top with the matching booty shorts.

She rates this one 8/10.

Rose explains: "All the perks of the short sleeve orange one you have here too, but it's in a much more flattering color."

While she does seem to love this one the most so far, Rose says she was only allowed to wear the black uniform on Fridays unless she was a bartender.

And she wishes she was one for that reason.

"Lastly, we have the perfect uniform. I give it 1,000,000/10, the black long-sleeve," Rose proclaims.

"It's so cute. It's so flattering. I went as a goth Hooters girl for Halloween, just so I could wear this."

Rose believes the restaurant-required tights to be "super durable, smoothing, flattering," and says you don't have to shave when you wear them.

These tights are only $5, and she rates them 8/10.

After Rose finished sharing her opinions, viewers quickly added their own.

"We don’t have a Hooters where I’m from, and I’m so glad..I would be so uncomfy if I ate there..like I just feel bad for you guys to have to wear that," one commenter said.

Another viewer asked: "What happens when you get cold? Are you allowed to change into sweatpants or something?"

Rose responded: "At my store we wear a sweater a lot of the time but when it gets busy and I get moving I get hot anyway."

One other intrigued commenter posed a different question.

"Soooo I’m curious because I’m looking to work there. Do you have to be a specific weight to work at hooters?" they wrote.

"Not a specific weight you just have to fit in the uniforms," Rose commented back.

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