I’m a laundry expert – make sure you have a weird item on hand for a wash, it’s so cheap and will dry clothes faster | The Sun

A LAUNDRY expert has revealed what weird item you should keep on hand for your next wash.

It may sound strange, but the addition of this one item will also help dry clothes faster.

Better yet, the hack is inexpensive – you can make a $3 investment that lasts you dozens of loads.

The clever trick comes courtesy of House Digest. Whether you're washing clothes or bedding, when you put items in the dryer, toss in a couple of clean tennis balls, the experts recommend.

"While laundry day is typically not anyone's favorite day, it can be made a little bit easier just by tossing a few tennis balls into your dryer when you are drying your clothes," the pros write.

Walmart sells a three-pack of tennis balls for $2.17, so you can implement this cheap hack after your next trip to the megastore. But what, exactly, do the tennis balls do?

If you have pets, or if lint is a constant problem in your household, you might've already been told to use tennis balls to clean up your wardrobe.

"One big advantage to adding around two to three of them to your laundry is that they can help to collect lint as well as help to keep the lint trap cleaner while your clothes dry," the experts wrote.

But even more importantly, the balls bounce around in the dryer's drum and increase airflow.

Bouncing tennis balls separate garments from one another within the dryer, and that helps reduce your laundry's dry time.

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"The tennis balls act as a way to separate clothes, which opens up ways for more air to get through and move about the clothing," the experts explained. Increased airflow helps the laundry to finish drying quicker.

They can leave clothes looking neater, too. "The tennis balls keep the clothes moving around, not giving them a chance to settle and get wrinkled," the pros added.

If you've ever pulled a garment straight from the dryer and found it wrinkled already, you know how frustrating this can be. "Wrinkles can set in as soon as clothing begins to lose heat," the experts noted.

It's handy to have tennis balls available when you wash your bedding, too.

Your comforter and pillows can get additional fluffing from the tennis balls, and they'll help make sure your blankets dry completely.

Plus, tennis balls reduce static cling, so putting away clothes and linens will be easier.

Add a pack of tennis balls to your shopping cart and, at the very least, laundry will be a little more fun.

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