I’m a lawyer – why I tell ALL couples to have a clear household budget, it’s the most important thing you’ll do | The Sun

A DIVORCE lawyer has revealed her top piece of advice for couples who are in the process of splitting up.

Denise Isaacs, a divorce lawyer based in Florida, USA, regularly shares helpful insights via her social media account.

Most recently, Denise, who is on TikTok at @divorcelawyerdenise, revealed why she always advises her clients to have a clear household budget as their very first step.

In a video recorded for her 274,000 followers, Denise told them: “Your household budget is the most important step you can possibly take.

“This is the foundation of your settlement with your spouse. 

“It is necessary to write it down because the truth is in the details.”

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Denise then went on to go into more specific detail about why this is so beneficial for those going through a divorce.

She also explained why it should be at the forefront of the mind from the very beginning and what it could lead to.

She said: “You need to know the finances, you need to know the property that’s going to be divided before you enter into any negotiations.

“Your budget is something that you are going to know and use to get alimony and use to get support and use to get maybe a lump sum property division.”

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Denise added in the caption to the post that has been liked hundreds of times: “Having a household budget is crucial during the divorce process.”

The lawyer has previously shared similarly helpful posts for those going through a split.

In another video, she said it was important for couples to leave their home and go to a restaurant to speak about their settlement.

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She explained: “It is important to get out of the house and go to a restaurant to prevent yelling at each other and the fighting that has gone on throughout the marriage in the household.

“It ensures that there will be civility between you and being out of the house means that your children can’t accidentally hear everything that is going on.”

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