I'm a money-saving expert & here's 8 easy tricks to help you save £1K before the summer holidays

IF YOU'RE desperate to get abroad next summer but the thought of booking a dreamy getaway makes your purse quiver, then you need to take a leaf out of this savvy mum’s book. 

The money-saving expert has revealed her top eight easy tricks to help you save £1000 before the summer to help you splash out on a holiday.

Vicky Smith, 38, from Berkshire, said her favourite thing about saving money is the ‘peace of mind’ it gives you to know you can afford the big things you really need. 

But the freelance writer and blogger at More Than a Mummy, revealed if you want to save £1,000 in time for a summer holiday then start by figuring out how much you would need to put away a week to hit your target. 

The money-saving expert, who is mum to two daughters, ages six and five, said: “If you have 26 weeks until you need your £1,000, you will need to put away around £38.50 a week. 

“To help you hit your target you may want to look at cutting your budget and maybe topping up your income too. Try these tips to make it easier to reach your summer savings goal.”

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Vicky recommends looking at what you already have in before making a shopping listCredit: Getty


Vicky said you should start by taking control of your food budget by examining your weekly spending on food and see if there are ways to make savings.

She suggested switching to a cheaper supermarket, bulk cooking meals and using cheaper ingredients.

She said: “Bulk out a chilli with red kidney beans as these are cheaper than the minced beef. If you work away from home, then take your lunch in with you, as well as your daily coffee. 

“When you’re making your shopping list, be sure to shop your own kitchen first. What tinned goods are in the cupboard and is there any meat or fish in the freezer? This will mean you spend less at the supermarket.” 

Vicky also said she would encourage people to swap takeaways for cheaper home-cooked options. 

She explained that the great thing about saving money on your food budget is that you will see an impact straight away and all it takes is 20 minutes of planning meals every week. 

The money-saving pro revealed you can save as much as £20 a week or more by getting really strict with your food budget. 


Vicky also advised people to cut excess subscriptions and spending by writing down all outgoing monthly spending and analysing what can go. 

Can you go without one of your TV subscriptions? If you have regular beauty treatments can you try and go an extra month between treatments to cut back?

She said: “This is another way of saving that can make an instant impact if you cancel monthly direct debits for things you decide you can live without. You could save £30 or more!”


Another way to save £1000 for summer is to have a 30-day rule for purchases, said Vicky. 

She said: “When you’re trying to reach a savings goal it’s important to differentiate between the stuff you want and the stuff you actually need. 

“To prevent impulse purchases, implement a 30-day rule for buying new things. This gives you time to weigh up whether this is something you really need, or if it’s just something you want. 

“If you’re a big shopper then this could save you £50 or more a month.”


She also advised people to halve their number of nights out at restaurants and bars, so that they’re still treating themselves but cutting back on spending. 

The money-saving expert suggested instead, invite people over and each bring a bottle and contribute to the food. This can save £50 or more a month. 


Vicky also revealed you can use online survey sites to boost your income and it’s great because you can dip in and out of surveys whenever you get the time. 

She said: “I recommend the Prolific, which has a reasonably low payout threshold compared to other survey sites such as YouGov. 

“Try signing up to a few different survey sites so that you get more opportunities to take surveys and earn money.

“It may take a few weeks for you to get your first payout from using survey sites, and it requires a certain time commitment in order to make some decent extra cash. 

“However they’re a great way to make money in your PJs from home. You can earn an extra £100 a month by using survey sites.”


Vicky also advised people to consider what skills and interests they can use to make extra cash. 

There’s a range of side hustle ideas that can help boost incomes, such as making and selling stuff on Etsy, freelance writing, photography, babysitting and pet sitting. 

Starting a side hustle may take a few weeks to get off the ground – you may need to produce stock if you’re selling products or find clients – but once you find your feet it can snowball. 

She revealed you can make £250 or more a month with a good side hustle. 


Money-saving expert Vicky said you can motivate yourself to stick with your budgeting by tracking your savings. 

She said: “Take a note of what you save with a list, or try a more colourful visual tracker. You can find free savings tracker printables online that you can colour in as you make progress.

“It can also help to have a regular reminder of your savings goal, so print off a photo of your holiday destination and stick it on your fridge so you remember what it’s all about. 

“My personal favourite way to save extra cash for holidays is to stick to a sensible budget from the start of the year. 

“I have an idea from January of what my expenses will be throughout the year ahead – for example, birthdays, holiday, car expenses and Christmas.

“By giving yourself plenty of time to save for your holiday you won’t be tempted to go into the red to pay for it – which ultimately means you’ll pay more for the trip if you can’t pay off your credit card bill or overdraft. 

“It also takes the stress out of planning for the trip, because you’ll have a clear plan for how to fund it.”


Then when it finally comes to booking a holiday, keep an eye out for the cheapest prices on flights by using comparison websites like Skyscanner or Google Flights. 

She said you should try to be flexible on which dates you actually head away. 

Although this can be tricky if you have kids in school, if you can avoid the most expensive weeks of the year you will save a lot of cash, revealed Vicky. 

The money-saving expert added you should also keep an eye out for flash sales and see if you can save money by booking a package holiday. 

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