I’m a mum-of-11 & only keep track of kids by ‘colour-coding’ them – people say I'm mad but I do it for all their things

FOR us, nothing quite sums up motherhood like putting a wash on and then having no idea whose pants and socks is whose.

But while we're busy struggling to sort the laundry out in our average-sized household, mum-of-11 Veronica has come up with a genius system.

Earlier this year, the 35-year-old mum told her 42,000 TikTok followers how she keeps track of her children by "colour coding" them.

In a video which has been viewed by over one MILLION people, Veronica – who has her first baby at 14 – said: "It just makes things easier for me.

"So most of their belongings – shoes, toys, clothes, blankets and everything are in their special colours."

And while there's no denying that it makes doing washes a total breeze, Veronica did admit that she didn't intentionally come up with the system.

She continued: "I actually started the colour-coding back when I only had one kid.

"It wasn’t intentional at first, but it sort of just continued and I don’t know, I really enjoy doing it.

"It doesn't necessarily mean it's their favourite colour but it usually is."

For instance, little Delilah almost exclusively wears yellow while older sister Darla prefers yellow and brother Adam goes for green.

"That seems to be the mom code for moms with lots of kids," one fan replied. "No fights over whose stuff is whose."

When asked about hand-me-downs, the mum said she "rarely" uses them and buys clothes she thinks "match their personalities."

Veronica’s eldest child is 21 and her youngest is just one year old, but the mum says she’s not done with having kids just yet.

Her two eldest children are from her first marriage, and the other nine are from her current marriage.

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