I’m a mum-of-four and my easy Rotation technique is a total lifesaver, it means the kids never get bored | The Sun

EVERY parent will have heard those dreaded words: "Mum I'm bored."

Sound familiar? Well, one savvy mum-of-four has taken to TikTok to share her very clever hack to ensure that those words won't be echoes around the four walls in your house again.

Lauren, who is from the US and posts under the acronym @lauren.clutter, shared a short video to social media where she asks: "Does it seem like your kids have a million toys but they're always telling you they're bored?

"Then I have the best mum hack for you."

Lauren goes on to note how it's called a 'toy rotation' and proceeds to explain: "We have our kid's toys split into three different toy rotations so that once a month I will rotate out the toys so they don't see the same rotation again for another couple of months.

"So when I do that I just put all of the old toys that were out on the rotation away, throw away any rubbish I finish and then I put all of the new toys out on the shelf."


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The busy mum continues: "The kids are always so excited when they see a new toy rotation.

"It really decreases boredom and it also increases the amount
they play with their toys.

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Because there are less options to choose from, they focus more on them."

The post has since racked up a rather impressive 58,000 views and been inundated with messages from grateful parents across the globe.

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"Watched this and immediately said I need to do this… but for my dogs," joked one.

A second commented: "I am a PreK teacher and I do this in my classroom it 100% works!"

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A third revealed: "We do this but rotate weekly. 4 bins equals only seeing toys once a month!"

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Yes!! I work at a daycare and we do this to keep the kids engaged and interested with the new toys!"

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Another enthused: "Thank you thank you thank you I've been needing to do something like this but didn't know where to begin."

And a further added: "I do this with my preschool classroom! It’s so helpful and so little work to upkeep once you do the initial organising."

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