I'm a parenting expert – I never use track and trace apps with my teenage kids… they do more damage than good

A PARENTING expert has claimed that using monitoring apps on teenagers' phones does more damage than good.

Aly Pain shared a video on TikTok explaining what she disagrees with with regards to the apps, and suggested that more often than not, they are used as a replacement for connection between a parent and child.

"Here’s my problem with parental monitoring apps on teenagers’ phones," she began.

"Most parents use these as a way to abate their own fear and anxiety and project that onto their teenager and use that app as a means to feel better."

She continued: "Asking your teenager to carry your fear and your anxiety is unfair and it will disconnect your relationship by often lowering trust. 

"I understand your need to protect them and keep them safe and know all of their moves but that is not and never will be a shortcut for connection."

Instead, try and build connection through conversation with your teenager, Aly suggests.

"Emotional connection is the only way to change behaviour and equip your teen to make good choices (which tracking apps won’t do)," was written across the video.

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"So it you’re going to use one of these apps, ask yourself this: is this your shortcut or are you also willing to put in the work to build connections so this app does what it’s intended to do, not create a shortcut for you," she concluded.

However, her view didn't go down too well with everybody.

Dr Free N. Hess took to the comments section of the video to write: "Pediatrician & child safety expert here. I respectfully disagree.

"Parental monitoring apps don’t replace connection & can save lives. Literally.

"If done right, and with the appropriate app, monitoring can actually start amazing & important conversations while assuring safety."

Aly then responded: "I agree with you, but unfortunately many parents use it as a device to calm their own fear and anxiety and further control."

Another parent chipped in, adding: "I had to get off. It was actually increasing my anxiety about my kids.

"I honestly feel we have a better relationship without it."

And in response to someone else who "full-heartedly" disagreed with her point of view, Aly explained: "I’m not against the apps.

"I am against them without being used in combination with creating a connected relationship."

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