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OUT of all our everyday beauty products, perfume is by the far most personal – after all, nothing transports you back to a moment in time quite like your favourite fragrance.

But while we always thought our collection was spiralling out of control, this TikTok star has enough fragrances to rival a beauty counter – literally.

Earlier this year, TikToker @hebesy went viral when she gave her followers a glimpse of her HUNDREDS of bottles of perfume.

On the pricier end of things, the keen beauty fan has four bottles of Byredo scents – which can cost up to £130 – as well as five Jo Malone, two Giorgio Armani and two Tom Ford fragrances.

In a video that's been viewed over 3.7 MILLION times, the woman revealed that out of her hundreds of fragrances, there are only three men can't resist.

She wrote: "When you have a huge collection of perfume but guys only acknowledge these three."

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First up is Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium.

The pricey £80 perfume is a firm beauty editor favourite and has base notes of coffee and patchouli which offset the lighter pear and madarin fragrance.

The beauty fan's second perfume is a little less well known and is made by New York fashion house Carolina Herrera.

Their Good Girl perfume has notes of berries and jasmine with a woody undertone.

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Not to mention the stiletto-inspired design that makes a statement on any dressing table.

The third perfume which gets a shoutout in the video is Ariana Grande's Sweet Like Candy fragrance – which you can snap up for only £22 in Superdrug.

Although the chic pink bottle a deadringer for Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb, the actual fragrance is much sweeter – with notes of marshmallow, blackberry and vanilla.

What's more, viewers said they'd had a similar experience with the Ariana Grande perfume.

One replied: "Anytime I wear Ariana's, someone at work says 'OMG you smell nice!'"

Another gushed: "The Ariana one is SO amazing!"

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I swear it's always the sweet ones [that get men's attention]."

Speaking of perfumes, one expert recently claimed she can tell what you look like based on your top fragrance.

The TikTok user and perfume connoisseur Ikhlas (@beauty_byib) shared her observations on social media – so which one is your top pick?

If you're a fan of Crystal Noir by Versace, Ikhlas reckoned you know a thing or two about style – you will always be well-dressed and come across as quite bossy.

Less bossy, in her eyes, are those who love Cloud by Ariana Grande.

This sweet and airy number is a firm favourite amongst the younger generation – Ikhlas was convinced you're most likely a young teenager or someone stuck in their early years.

''Teenage dream, forever young vibes,'' she chuckled in her video.

''It just smells a little too childish to me, but the scent is good.''

What about Delina Royal Essence, which can set you back by over a whopping £200 per bottle?

If you can afford the hefty price tag of the floral scent, you must be ''effortlessly elegant and put together'' at all times, the whizz thought.

A more affordable option is Pink Sugar, which retails for under £20 on Amazon.

But despite the tempting price, the shopper wasn't that keen on the aroma – she reckoned you're stuck in the early 2000s and needed to accept it's time to move on from the iconic era.

Just as popular is Black Opium by YSL – and this one, Ikhlas revealed, is the signature scent for all the party lovers.

''You love going out every night but you gotta stop.''

Another Yves Saint Laurent perfume that had made it on the list was the iconic Libre, the combination of floral and musky tones.

Just like the scent, you radiate summer and free-spirited energy.

''You smell like a summer love in Europe,'' the beauty fan said.

There are many strong fragrances that will make heads – and noses – turn. But none do it quite like L'Interdit by Givenchy.

This luxury perfume, Ikhlas had observed, is always worn by those who want to make a statement and want everyone to know they've arrived.

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''I'm sorry for this one, I know I might have hurt some with the last one and cloud,'' she added in the caption.

So did she get it right? Let us know in the comments.

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