I’m a professional cleaner and these are the areas of your home everyone forgets about

YOU PROBABLY already know your sock drawer is long overdue a clear out.

But there a loads more things that you might be forgetting to clean and organise.

Luckily, this organising pro took to TikTok to reveal the places that are probably in need of a tidy in our homes.

Caroline Solomon, who fittingly goes by 'neat Caroline' on social media, says the places you're forgetting are obvious.

The first thing the organising whizz says you need to get rid off are the crumpled up receipts in bottom of your bag.

The annoying bits of paper are just taking up room in your house or handbag.

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Caroline says if you need to keep them for future reference, take a picture of it or use a receipts app on your phone.

Chances are, you have a bunch of old remote controls around your house.

If you no longer need them, there's no need to hang on to them so get rid.

Extra clothes hangers can take up loads of unnecessary space in your wardrobe.

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Ditch any old or broken ones, and avoid wire hangers as they can damage your clothes, the pro shared.

If you've got a bunch of unused assembly parts in your drawers, it's time to let them go too.

Extra screws and bolts from old Ikea furniture that you don't have anymore need not clutter your home.

"Get rid of any random parts that you don't recognise," the keen cleaner said.

Finally, the organising expert said to sort through your digital pictures.

Caroline said: "These accumulate over time and you end up having to pay for extra iCloud storage for photos that you don't need or care about."

She recommended taking some time to sift through them and delete and random blurry ones.

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Viewers loved the simple decluttering hacks: "Yes! I go through my receipts every week!"

Another quipped: "I have way too many screenshots."

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