I'm a professional hairdresser… here are five things I would never do to my locks including tying it up when wet | The Sun

A HAIRDRESSER has revealed the list of things she would never do to her locks – and it's bad news if you tie your hair whilst it's dripping wet.

With so many information on the internet, it can oftentimes feel impossible to figure out what's good for your hair and which hacks to steer clear of.

Luckily, offering helping hand, one whizz, Rachel Valentine, uploaded a video on TikTok sharing a list of the things to best not do to your locks.

''Number one is I would never use any supermarket shampoos,'' the hairdresser said.

When it comes to buying the right products for your hair, she also recommended to best give the 2-in-1 shampoos a miss too.

''Anything but professional.''

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Sharing the list of no-nos, Rachel also said she would never brush or attempt to detangle her long locks with different types of brushes and combs.

The reason that combs are not good, Rachel claimed, is because the teeth of them are usually stiff – which when pulled with, might cause breakage.

Instead, she recommended opting for special detangling teasers, which come in a wide range of designs for different types of hair.

''Number three, I would never tie my hair up wet,'' she went on to add.

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''When our hair is wet, it actually acts like an elastic band, so it stretches and returns.

''But sometimes […] it breaks,'' the expert demonstrated in another video.

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''So you're more likely to get breakage tying your hair up wet.

''I would never not use a heat protectant.''

Last but not least on the short list of things you would never catch her doing is shampooing her hair just once.

''I always shampoo it twice,'' she explained.

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''It's important that you shampoo twice to make sure your scalp is completely clean.''

For those concerned that this might mean using more product, Rachel explained: ''Actually when you think about it in the long term, if you're getting your scalp completely clean, you should technically be able to go longer in-between washes.''

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