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HOMEOWNERS, take note: if you plan to sell your home next year, there are three tasks you need to take care of right away.

Getting your house in order now will make for an easier sale in 2023, but take note of the chores you can skip.

According to experts from Zillow, there are three major projects that homeowners make sure to complete before listing their homes for sale.

In fact, Zillow's data indicates that many homeowners take on at least two of the top home improvement efforts before selling a home.

A survey from Zillow and partner organization Thumbtack revealed that 40 percent of homeowners who sold a home in the last two years completed interior painting before listing the property.

Carpet cleaning was also a popular task, with 35 percent of homeowners reporting they brought in a pro or power-washed the surfaces themselves.

Many homeowners also improved their home's curb appeal to attract buyers: 33 percent invested in landscaping prior to listing their homes.

On average, the cost of these projects adds up to $5,388, but the data demonstrates a positive impact.

Amanda Pendleton, Zillow's home trends expert, explained how clean carpets and a fresh coat of interior paint can boost a sale.

These renovations "deliver a powerful signal to potential buyers that a home is well-maintained and contemporary," Pendleton said.

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"While sellers may be reluctant to shell out for these projects up front, those improvements can ultimately pay off, either by helping a home sell faster or for more money," she added.

According to the data, 74 percent of sellers believed completing home improvement projects helped their homes sell.

Interior painting and landscaping were the two tasks that gave sales the biggest boost.

But don't sink thousands into a total home overhaul just yet.

Homeowners also reported on the tasks that didn't have a major impact on home sales.

Only 11 percent of sellers saw a boost from appliance repair/replacement.

Cleaning, repairing, or replacing the roof also had a minor impact, with only 11 percent reporting that improving the roof helped their homes sell.

The monetary investment didn't always align with the impact on sales, either.

Only 17 percent of sellers said that a kitchen renovation helped them sell their home.

But a full kitchen renovation averages $10,355 – and for many sellers, that investment didn't have much impact.

Keeping up with small repairs and everyday maintenance is more important than major overhauls, the experts explained.

Repairing or replacing light fixtures and floors are reliable ways to give your home a value boost and increase the likelihood of a sale, according to the data.

"A well-maintained home is one of the best ways for homeowners to attract buyers," said David Steckel, a home expert at Thumbtack.

"Thumbtack research finds a well-maintained home can sell for about 10 percent more than a similar home in average condition," he explained.

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Those little things add up and give buyers reassurance that their new home will last a lifetime.

"Buyers are making life's biggest investment, and they want the peace of mind that they're investing in a home that was well cared for," Steckel said. 

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