I'm a sleep guru & have five tips to help any newborn sleep – my 'shush pat' settling technique works every time | The Sun

A BABY sleep consultant has revealed her top five tips to help your newborn get to sleep.

Cat took to TikTok and shared a video aimed at newborn parents who think it seems impossible to get their newborn to sleep during the day.

First up, the paediatric sleep consultant advises following the 'shush pat technique.'

"This is an excellent newborn settling technique where you can side-settle your little one in the bassinette," she explains. "You're putting a newborn all the way to sleep but it's a really affective settling technique that can calm them down and help them to fall asleep."

In a second clip, Cat demonstrates this method and says: "Begin by rhythmically patting your baby's bottom while shushing past their ear.

"As your baby starts to fall asleep, gradually reduce the speed of thepat and also the intensity of the shh sound.


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"Finally, stop patting and shushing altogether when baby is asleep – this could take several minutes."

Cat goes on to say that tip number two is the '5 S's settling technique', which was designed by Dr Harvey Karp.

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"He absolutely swears by following the 5 S' in the exact order to help calm your newborn down and help put them to sleep," she says.

First it involves 'swaddling' your baby (arms down), before moving them to 'side or stomach' position.

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This is followed by 'shushing,' 'swinging' and finally, 'sucking' the dummy.

Moving onto tip three, the sleep guru notes that baby wearing is also an "excellent option."

"It's a great way you can still have your hands-free but it means they're still close to you because in the fourth trimester, it's a huge transition from womb to world so they always want to be really close," she says.

"This is great way that's very common for newborns to fall asleep."

As for tip number four, Cat highlights the importance of making sure your little one is exposed to plenty of natural light during the day.

"In those early days there can be day and night confusion so you want to be sure they're exposed to plenty of natural light during the day, especially during their awake times," she explains. "Then in the night time it's definitely dim and very slow stimulation."

Cat's final piece of advice is to really try and keep the stimulation to a minimum.

She adds: "Especially if you're a new parent – there's usually so many visitors that want to come and see your new baby.

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"Before you know it, they're being passed around to all these different people that they can so easily get stimulated.

"This will increase the cortisol levels and this can make it really challenging for them to fall asleep.

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