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KEEPING up with the latest fashion trends can be a daunting task that most of us don't have time to stay on top of.

Fortunately, Fabulous speaks to personal stylist Peter Kane, 41 who lives in Sheffield to find out what 2022 trends won't be welcomed back in 2023.

Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans might have been the top trend a few years ago, but they're slowly falling down the style ladder.

Not only are they outdated, but they're also annoying to wash as the cut outs slowly unravel every time you chuck them in the washing machine.

Peter says:

"Gaping holes certainly look like your scraping the trend barrel.


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"It's never a good idea, especially if you get caught on a door handle."

Fishermen Beanies

You'll often see a sea of fishermen beanies located around an independent pub that only sells organic IPA's or a stand alone cofee shop that roasts their own beans.

But Peter begs people to leave it alone in 2023 and develop their own style.

Peter says:

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Ballet pumps

We never thought we'd see ballet pumps make a resurgence – but they did last year.

And while they can look chic in the summer, you're best off throwing out your pair from last year and grabbing a new pair says the stylist.

Peter says:

"They are ideal for a summer stroll in the park for that Audrey Hepburn 'ingenue' romantic look….but they can quickly start looking like you've borrowed your nan slippers as you've worn and worn and worn them until they need to be buried and laid to 'fashion rest.'"

Skin-fitting jumpsuits

If you've spent any time on TikTok in the last year then you've seen the rise in tight-fitting jumpsuits.

While they may be comfortable and easy to throw on, they aren't always the most flattering garment, especially with the amount of chocolate we all ate during the festive season.

Peter says:

"Jane Fonda rocked the spandex, Kiss went dark with the black lycra, it shows everything you own.

"Go for it if you feel 'body confident' but thin stretchy fabric is not the larger person's best friend'.

"Also, people need to pee! Functionality over fashion, thank you."

Mini Uggs

Mini Uggs sure feel like clouds on your feet, and they offer just about as much support.

Although they'll keep your feet warm during the winter months, the stylist reveals they need to be banished from 2023.

Peter says:

"I have never been a fan. They make everyone look like they have been DNA modified with a Llama.

"Uggs look cosy and comfy and ideal for wearing around the home, but when they are worn day to day, expect a trail of eyes following the backs of your skewed heels.

"They look sloppy, messy, and the opposite of sophistication."

Puffer coats

Who doesn't like wearing what is essentially a wearable duvet in the morning?

Puffer coats are practical, warm and everything you want in a winter coat.

But Peter urges you to ditch the black puffer for something brighter.

Peter says:

"The thing about puffers is the width of where the seems are can be so unflattering on some people.

"Especially puffers in black, it seems to be the staple for young adolescent boys and that's what you end up looking like."


We aren't quite sure how Crocs became fashionable to wear this year, but they did.

We get that they're comfortable, practical and customisable – but the stylist recommends using them strictly in the privacy of your back garden.

Peter says:

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"Take them out of your wardrobe and leave them by the backdoor for taking your dog out.

"And make sure it's just around your own garden. Because otherwise, it's social suicide."

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