I’m a teacher and yes we forget kids’ names all the time – but I have a cunning trick which means they never realise | The Sun

HANDS up if you've ever been in the middle of a conversation, only to realise you've completely forgotten the person's name that you're talking to.

Well, it turns out you're not alone.

A teacher named Nia has been branded "genius" online after sharing the very clever trick she uses when she forgets her students' names.

Taking to TikTok, she posted a video and explained: "Life hack #1 – what to do if you don't remember someone's name.

"Wanna hear a life hack?"

She continued: "Whenever I don't know somebody's name, I say, 'do you know that it's really hard to say your own name three times really fast because you're not used to saying your own name?'"


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Nia captioned the post: "I do this with the students at my school and with people I meet at gigs too."

The clip has since gone viral and racked up a rather impressive 2.7 million views, along with hundreds of comments.

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"AND that's why you're winning at life queen," enthused one.

A second praised: "Girllll you're genius and my idol."

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Elsewhere, others shared the different techniques they use when they forget someone's moniker.

"Oh I always say 'hey what’s your name again?' and when they say it, I’ll say 'oh i meant your last name,' admitted one.

Another recalled: "I asked someone how to spell their name once because I couldn’t remember it. It was AJ."

And a further added: "I just say "how do you spell your name."

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