I’m a teacher – people say my dresses are inappropriately short but I won’t listen, some say it's just because I'm curvy | The Sun

DRESS codes have been a hardline rule in many workplaces around the world.

One teacher shared a criticism of her dress, which she believed was out of pocket.

Grace Ann is an art teacher and digital content creator.

Her TikTok alone boast over 39k followers and counting.

She took to the social media platform to reveal that her frock was deemed inappropriate by another TikTok user.

"If a student can't wear it, a teacher shouldn't be allowed to," the critic wrote. "That would not pass the finger tip test."


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The "finger tip test" refers to a common dress code rule enforced by schools. Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be able to reach below an individual's finger tips when arms are rested by their sides.

"Since you're so convinced that my dress isn't finger tip length I'm just going to have to prove you wrong," Grace replied in a video.

"Here she is," Grace added, showing the full very of the dress. "Easily finger tip on the sides. Easily finger tip on the front. I think we're good."

Viewers flocked to the comment section, where they shared their two cents on the matter.

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"Do schools even have a 'dress code' anymore?" one inquired.

"Yes but no one upholds it," Grace replied.

"Wear the dress- you look great!" another wrote. "I’m genuinely curious how many would have these comments if the teacher wasn’t a curvy girl? (as a curvy girl myself!)"

"Who in their right mind finds anything wrong with this dress?" another inquired.

"Girl , ignore all the comments about how you dress," a supporter suggested. "They're mad they don't have a cute sassy style like you do!"

The dress is the Joteisy Women's Babydoll Ruffle Short Sleeve Casual Loose Flowy Swing Hem O Neck Mini dress in Navy Blue, which retails for $29.98.

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