I’m a teen mum with three kids by two dads at 19, now I’m planning baby number four | The Sun

A TEEN MUM has opened up about wanting a fourth baby after having three children by two dads at the age of 19.

Kayte, now 22, revealed that she first got pregnant at the age of 14 and again at 16 with her ex-boyfriend.

In one TikTok video, Kayte revealed that after telling her boyfriend about the second pregnancy, he left her to become a single mum to her two children, Casey and Summer.

But the mum found love again, and had her third child, Rayleigh, with her current partner at 19 – now the pair are planning baby number four.

Despite trying for baby number four, Kayte admits she is terrified to give birth again and wishes she could pass it on to her partner.

In another clip, Kayte was told her partner looked 'too old' to be with her as many assume Kayte is just 16 years old.


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She revealed that her current partner is 25 and that she was with someone else when she got pregnant with her first two children.

Kayte explained that her current partner had stepped up to be a dad to all three of her children and they are now planning to have baby number four.

But many people were quick to share their opinions, one wrote: "different dads says it all."

While others have suggested 'you're single and sleep around.'

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A third remarked: "Why would you want to brag about your mistakes for the world to comment beats me."

Kayte replied: "Calm down my life is great," and insists she wouldn't change her life.

While people online have been less than supportive of Kayte becoming a teen mum, her parents were there for her every step of the way.

The mum is now able to financially support her family, and hopes for it to continue to grow, wanting to add a fourth child.

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