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STRIVING for elegance means knowing which items belong in your closet and which don't.

One woman believes that certain clothes should be avoided at all costs if you want to be classy.

Elegance coach and TikToker Sophie posted a video mentioning three things she doesn't think high-value women should wear when they go out.

Her first tip is to avoid wearing sports clothing and athletic wear in public.

This includes sweatpants, yoga pants, volleyball shorts, joggers, and basketball shorts for your bottom half.

Sports bras, loose-fitting T-shirts, fitness tank tops, and hoodies are some athletic clothing you'll want to avoid on your top half.

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In terms of shoes, sneakers and tennis shoes should only be worn in the gym.

Sophie twirls around in a pink, gym tank top to let viewers know what they shouldn't go for.

Sophie's second tip is to stop wearing clothing made out of corduroy.

In her video, she showcases an example of what not to keep in your closet by modeling a burgundy corduroy skirt.

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The patterned texture is supposed to emulate velvet, but it simply falls short.

Corduroy clothes also have a reputation for fading way faster than they should.

Skirts and other clothes made of different materials such as cotton, satin, leather, wool, or silk are better alternatives.

Finally, Sophie advises against wearing peep toe platform heels.

In her video, she models the exact shoes she doesn't think elegant women should wear so her viewers will have a clear example.

The purple heels she's wearing also have a floral design imprinted on them.

Closed-toed heels are considered classier in Sophie's opinion.

Another reason closed-toed heels can be beneficial is that they hide unpainted or chipped toenails.

A couple of people have responded in Sophie's comment section about her elegance advice in connection to fashion choices.

One woman wrote: "Peep toe platform heels are my horror. I remember the biggest shock I felt was when I saw Sheikha Mozah wearing them. I was heartbroken."

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