I’m an ex Yankee Candle worker – here’s what your choice of scent says about your personality

A FORMER Yankee Candle worker has revealed what your choice of scent says about your personality – so where does your favourite come?

Mum Lucy Anne took to TikTok to rate each candle in a series of videos.

She captioned the clip: "What you look like based on which Yankee Candle you buy, by an ex Yankee Candle employee.

"Peace and love to you all, but I can guess which customer will buy which candle just by looking at you".

According to Lucy, Midnight Jasmine is a favourite with old ladies, Pink Sands with teenage girls who dressing in hot pink, Midsummer's Night with blokes who wear FitBits, and Black Cherry with girls who love fake tan and the black Gucci GG belt.

Yankee fans had a mixed opinion to seeing the result come up, admitting: "Omg no pink sands is my fav" and one woman fessing: "I have the midsummer night car freshener in my car".

But Lucy insisted: "You gotta admit it smells like mens aftershave! That’s why all men buy it!"

Others asked her to make it a series and she later did two follow-up videos.

In another clip, she said Christmas cookie was a favourite for mums with young daughters, "any small jar" for school kids shopping with their pocket money, Clean Cotton for "Karens" and Soft Blanket for pregnant women.

Yankee fans replied: "Christmas cookie is my all time favourite and I will not deny that" and "I LOVE CLEAN COTTON HELP".

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Others sobbed: "Omg I’m a Karen" and "as someone who adores clean cotton, i am very hurt".

In a final instalment, Lucy rated some more favourites – like Lemon Lavender, which she likened to a young, blonde woman lying on immaculate white bed sheets in a crisp white shirt.

Cinnamon Stick more your jam? You love wearing hats, stripy jumpers and hanging out at pumpkin patches, according to Lucy.

Vanilla Cupcake is most at home with teenage girls with multicoloured hair, while Warm Cashmere is for young women who pose in checked coats, expensive looking scarves, boots and sunglasses, Lucy claims.

She added: "Final part, most other ones don’t have a specific customer who buys, and everyone keeps requesting home inspiration which you get at supermarkets".

One commenter admitted: "cinnamon stick girl – can confirm that is me in autumn", while another said: "accurate for vanilla cupcake".

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