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THE COLOUR of the grout in your bathroom might not be something you spend a lot of rain power thinking about, but you should.

According to this interior designer the wrong coloured grout can make or break your bathroom.

Phoenix Grey explained why the colour of your grout matters so much, and why it totally depends on the tiles in your bathroom.

He explained: "Grout is going to dramatically change the way your tiles look."

Most homes have white grout, which might be the default but it doesn't mean it's the best choice.

"It's going to give you that very clean, simple, sophisticated look that is going to look expensive because the tiles are going to look larger.

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"It's also going to look very dirty quickly, so keep that in mind if you're choosing a white grout."

We all know what a pain it is to scrub the white grout in our bathroom to keep it looking pristine, if you're not a keen cleaner maybe opt for a darker grout.

Light greys and taupe are great alternatives to white without committing to a really dark colour

According to Phoenix these colours "will give you a little bit more definition when it comes to those tiles, and a little bit easier for maintenance."

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When it comes to dark grey and black grout it all depends on the size of the tiles you have.

"I only recommend using a dark grey or charcoal in you're using a large scale tile otherwise it's going to be too busy," the pro shared.

Black grout is great if you want to be a bit more edgy and make your bathroom tiles pop.

However Phoenix explained that "the darker the colour the easier it will be to see imperfections on the tile installation."

If you love smaller penny style tiles it's best to stick to white grout because darker colours will completely overwhelm the space and "look way too intense."

He noted that you can also go the other way and use a dark tile with a light grout for a high contrast look.

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Viewers loved the advice, one said: "Omg the penny tiles with the dark grout was stressing me out."

And a second quipped: "Don't put white grout on your floor tiles. Don't be a hero. Trust me!"

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