I'm covered in facial piercings but I still want more, including one that's ILLEGAL where I live | The Sun

SHE'S already got 20 piercings on her face.

But one woman has insisted she's not done yet, and next wants one that's actually considered illegal where she lives.

"I want the mandible piercing," she said in a video on her TikTok page.

"It goes up through your chin and through all the layers of tissue and comes out from underneath your tongue.

"I want that done, but I have not been able to get it done because I'm in the state of Indiana and that's considered an illegal piercing.

"But pretty soon I'm going to venture out and find somebody who will do it for me.

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"And that will be pain well worth it!"

She then clarified that while she wouldn't be penalised by the state for having the mandible piercing, it's considered illegal in the "piercing world".

"its illegal for a reason sis," one person commented on the video.

"I'd be terrified to get that!" another added.

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"babe it’s illegal for a reason stay safe," a third wrote.

"very dangerous, do not do that," someone else commented.

In another video, she answered someone who asked her how many piercings she had.

To which she revealed that she had "20 in my face, one in my tongue, five in my ears.

"I have my nipples done."

She also forgot to add in the clip that she had her belly button pierced and her smiley pierced (inside the top lip).

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