I'm in the 'itty bitty committee' – my bikini hack will help push your small boobs up | The Sun

A WOMAN who says she belongs to the "itty bitty committee" has come forward with a life-saving, chest-enhancing hack.

The TikToker showed off a pair of bra pads that she secretly slips into her intimates and bikinis.

The new reusable devices from @PariBelles on TikTok are available in different colors and built with maximum comfort and support.

"I have a bikini hack that will change your life," the young woman claimed in the video.

"Not being dramatic."

She then showed off a pair of the self-adhesive bra pads.

"If I am being honest, I do not have a big chest, whatsoever," she explained.

"But with these things my problems – gone."

The brunette beauty showed how the items are padded on the inside and sticky on the outside, so they stay notched to a bra or bikini.

She claimed the best part is that nobody will be able to tell they're there.

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"Nobody needs to know!" she exclaimed.

"Don't thank me, just go get yourself some" she finished.

In a second video, the petite woman showed a before and after of her using the pads in a sports bra.

She turned to the side and offered a frontal view, showing just how much bigger the pads made her bust appear.

"Best part is they stick to the inside of your top, instead of on your skin," the caption read.

In the comments section, a few people questioned whether they would stay on in the water.

"Last time I stuffed my bikini bra it was floating next to me in the pool. My sisters still make fun of me for it. I was 16," one person admitted.

Other people suggested that more women should embrace their natural builds.

"Or you could just love your natural body, what is wrong with y’all?" a frustrated follower commented.

Other TikTokers, like gym-fluencer (@alicehornexx) have showed off their own bra-hacks.

Horne took scissors to one of her favorite sports bras to make a key tweak for ultimate comfort.

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In order to achieve a snugger fit, the fitness-guru cut the back of the bra and then retied it a bit tighter. She was quite pleased with the result.

No matter their size or shape, there is always a way to embrace the chest.

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