I’m plus-size and tried Kim Kardashian's Skims bodysuits – she needs to add more fabric down below | The Sun

WHEN a Skims fan tried the brand's bodysuits for the first time, she had one suggestion for Kim Kardashian.

The plus-size fashion blogger said that only one thing was missing from the clothing, but the small change would make a big difference in comfort level.

Plus-size makeup artist Sydney goes by the handle SydneySlayyyz on Instagram and TikTok, where she shares style and beauty tips with a combined 197k followers.

Sydney, already a fan of Skims shapewear, reviewed two casual bodysuits from the brand in a recent video.

"Let's try some of these bodysuits," Sydney said, holding up her purchases for the camera. "They are super stretchy, so I think they're going to be super comfortable."

The blogger bought both bodysuits in a size 2X. First, she slipped into a sleeveless bodysuit in a dark taupe color. Though she didn't specify the style, it looked like the Fits Everybody bodysuit, which costs $58.


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"This feels like I have nothing on," Sydney said, running her hands over the soft fabric. "It's so comfortable."

When she tried on the bodysuit, she paired it with a pair of jeans and felt surprised by how complete the ensemble looked.

"I actually really like this, and I would just wear this as an outfit with some cute shoes," Sydney said.

Next, she tried on the Essential T-Shirt Bodysuit, $72, in a warm brown color.

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"I really like this one with the sleeves on it," Sydney said, turning to show the fit on the arms and shoulders.

The rich shade was a win in her book, too. "This chocolate brown color is serving," the blogger said, smiling at her figure in the camera.

Her overall opinion of the bodysuits was positive, with one suggested improvement.

"This material, I am living and breathing and dying for," Sydney said.

Then she held up the tank top bodysuit, showing off the seat of the garment.

"But this one is a thong," she warned. "This is just not enough fabric for my coochie."

The t-shirt bodysuit, on the other hand, proves plenty of coverage, Sydney said.

"This one is the full brief and it fits ten times better," she said.

In the caption of her video, Sydney implored the company to add more fabric to the undercarriage on the bodysuits.

"I'm gonna need another inch on that one," she wrote, tagging Skims to catch the brand's attention.

The brand responded, calling Sydney "gorgeous" and leaving viewers to hope that a more comfortable cut of the bodysuit is coming soon.

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