I’m plus size and tried Kim Kardashian’s viral Skims set – it barely covered anything, I may as well have not bothered | The Sun

AFTER one of Kim Kardashian's Skims underwear sets went viral recently one woman decided to order the tiny thong and bra to see what all the fuss is about.

Posting on TikTok Teri (@tertaay) explained that she bought the matching nude underwear in a XXXXL.

"It doesn't look like it's going to cover one lip," she joked before opening the packaging and trying it on over her clothes.

The tiny thong and bra is part of the Skims 'fits everybody' range – but Teri wasn't impressed with how it fit her body.

Although technically it was the right sizer for her the lack of any fabric left her in stitches.

In the clip you couldn't even see that she had the thong on because it's that small.


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The bra wasn't much better and only covered a tiny part of her boobs and, unsurprisingly, offered no lift or support.

To really put it to the test Teri did a quick jog on the spot and the bra immediately slipped right off her boobs.

She captioned the clip: "Kim… explain."

Teri's video has amassed a whopping 12 million views in just two days and has left viewers howling with laughter at the total fail.

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One person commented: "I mean she didn't say HOW it was going to fit. Just that it would."

And a second wrote: "When you pulled up the bottoms I peed from laughing so hard."

"The running test always gets me," another laughed.

Meanwhile someone else commented: "I feel you sister, I bought a strapless bra just to see how it went and this brought back my moment.

"She wouldn't know was 4XL is even if she ran into it."

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