I’m plus-size & tried Kim Kardashian’s Skims – it was so hard to put on that I couldn’t speak | The Sun

SKIMS shapewear has been touted as an under garment for all, with a generous size range as well as a variety of flesh-toned shades to choose from.

One plus-sized fashion lover gave the line a try and found it to be an arduous task.

Victoria Lopez is a digital content creator, wife, and mother-of-two.

With a propensity towards fashion, she often shares her experience as a size 16 fashionista.

She showed viewers a black bodysuit with attached shorts, which she borrowed from a friend, in order to assess whether or not she should purchase the piece for herself.

She explained why she did not narrate the video while trying on the garment, as she was struggling to speak.


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"I'm coming at you with a voiceover," she said. "Because God d***n this s**t is hard to put on."

She showed the minuscule piece to viewers before trying it on.

"Look how f**king tiny it is in my hands," she exclaimed.

First, she modeled her look before putting the shapewear, wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans.

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"I'll give you guys a little before," she said. "In my jeans."

"They fit good," she added, while modeling the jeans without the shapewear. "They fit OK, you know? No big deal."

In the next scene, Lopez showed herself only wearing the famed shapewear and gave the audience a disclaimer.

"They were so hard to put on!" she exclaimed. "I was sweating my b***s off, I don't even have b***s."

The difficulty in getting into the garment did not deter Lopez from loving the product.

"But do I look good?" she added. "Yes I do!"

Lopez's jeans fit differently when factoring in the slenderizing shapewear.

"There was a bit of gapping in the back," she noted. "Not bad."

Lopez also a noted that the shapewear made her bust appear more buxom, while cinching her midsection.

"Overall I really do love it," she raved. "Even my itty bitties look jiggly, too."

Lopez revealed her final verdict regarding the borrowed plus-size sculpting bodysuit, retailing for $68.

"10 out of 10," she announced. "I'm buying it."

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