I'm proud to be curvy but men always comment on my body – they shame me for having cellulite & ask when the baby’s due | The Sun

A WOMAN has gone viral after revealing some of the comments blokes have said about her body.

Social media can be a harsh place – hiding behind often anonymous profiles, trolls have the guts to say something they wouldn't in person, and no one knows it better than Ariella Nyssa.

The Aussie stunner took it TikTok to reveal some of things men have commented about her physique, with one even comparing her cellulite to something rather gross.

In the viral clip, which has been viewed more than a whopping 1.1 million times in just one day, Ariella showed off her best dance moves wearing low-waisted trousers and a crop top, as she went on to share the remarks.

According to her, someone had once said: ''Your cellulite looks like my saggy ba**s.''

The plus size woman, who used to hate wearing anything revealing her belly but has now embraced the curves and wants others to do the same, has also had men asking if she's pregnant.

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Next to a cheeky emoji at the end, the body positivity influencer would be asked: ''When is the baby due?''

Last – but certainly not least – of the troll remarks thrown her way are those thinking she shouldn't be happy and proud of her body.

''It's sad that you are proud that you are fat,'' is what a guy once said to her online.

''Ah the internet,'' Ariella aptly summed up the situation in the caption of the clip.

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The influencer, from Sydney, has a whopping 1.4 million followers on the social media platform and has published the self-help book Ariella Nyssa's Self-love Bible.

However, confidence isn't something she always had a great abundance of.

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“Even a year ago I would have never felt confident enough to rock a low waist outfit. And now it’s my favourite thing to wear.

“I love showing off my beautiful belly, my hips and curves.

''It’s crazy that something I once tried to hide, now I see as one of the most beautiful things about me.

“Your belly is BOOOOTIFUL.”

The body positivity activist regularly posts encouraging messages to her followers, showing the things that many influencers try to hide.

And of course, the social media community loves the Aussie beauty, with many jumping to comments to show support.

''They’re so insecure and you just KNOW a girl has never liked them b4 [before] [sic],'' said one fan.

Another agreed, correcting Ariella: ''Boys said that, not men! there's a difference.''

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A third fan thanked the influencer: ''you are literally the only person i found on this app with my body shape and proportions [sic]!!

''you are my goals, i love the way you look and dress [sic].''

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