I’m Yorkshire pudding obsessed & they’re best when cooked in the Air Fryer – it only takes 4 minutes & here’s the trick | The Sun

HANDS up who loves tucking into a Yorkshire pudding with a roast dinner.

Now, a foodie has taken her obsession of the Sunday staple one step further by revealing how she makes the ultimate Yorkshire pudding snack in her Air Fryer. 

Social media account @airfryersos, who also goes by the name Can You Air Fry that?, shared a video on her TikTok account where she revealed her trick to cook them to perfection. 

She explained to her 5000 plus followers: “I can’t recommend enough getting a 50p bag of Yorkshire puddings.

“Keep them in your freezer and whenever you fancy a snack, pop them in the Air Fryer.” 

The footage then cut to her placing 2 yorkshire puddings into the kitchen appliance, as she revealed the timer needs to be set to 4 minutes long. 

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The TikToker then showed the finished result, as she took the perfectly crispy Yorkshire puddings out of the Air Fryer. 

@airfryersos continued: “Look how lovely these are. Amazing.”

And she couldn’t wait to tuck in, as she immediately bit into them and said “Who doesn’t want a Yorkshire pudding as a quick snack?

“They’re so good.”

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And it seems @airfryersos is not alone in her foodie fixation. 

Many of her followers flocked to the comment section to say that they’d already been converted.

One wrote: “I always make yorkies in my air fryer as a snack.

“Love it!”

While another person added that you can mix things up even further by adding an unlikely ingredient. 

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, a fellow TikTok user suggested trying them with jam.

Simply cook for four minutes as usual, before spreading some of your favourite spread directly on top. 

This isn’t the only one of @airfryersos’ videos that has had everyone’s mouths salivating. 

She’s also sparked conversation by sharing her Air Fryer recipes for dishes, including an entire mozzarella, candyfloss – and even Mini Eggs. 

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