I've banned my son from painting at school – I can't afford to keep replacing his stained uniform | The Sun

IF you have children, you’ve probably found yourself scrubbing away at their stained clothes on many occasions.

Whether it’s after a day at school or an afternoon in the park, young children are forever getting their clothes dirty.

While some may spill their food down themselves, others might enjoy playing in the mud – but whatever it is, spending time scrubbing away at stains is less than ideal. 

One mum has found herself so frustrated at her son's stained uniforms that she's considering telling the school that he's banned from using paint in art classes. 

The mum took to Mumsnet to explain that her four-year-old son has just started school and has already come home with paint on his uniform twice.

Not only this, but the mum claimed that Vanish and even leaving the clothes in bleach didn’t remove the stains, leaving her stressed at what to do.

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The mum said she's already complained to the school and was told the kids were using "washable paints", but she doesn't believe that to be true since she's struggling so much with the stains.

While the mum is fed up with her attempts to remove the stains, she is also concerned that she can’t afford to constantly replace her son’s uniform, leaving her pondering whether to ban her son from painting in school. 

She explained: "My 4-year-old has started a new school. 

“Twice so far he's come home with paint on his white shirt that I can't remove. 

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“I've washed them repeatedly, used Vanish, used whitening sachets, and in the end I soaked them in neat bleach. 

“Even after two days in neat bleach, the paint has not fully come off!

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"The first time I complained [to the school] and they [just] said it's washable paint.

“The second time I said 'no it's not bloody washable because it's happened again', and they said nobody else has complained.

"If this happens a third time, am I being unreasonable to say he's not permitted to use paint at school anymore?

“It seems mean but I can't afford to keep replacing his uniform."

The mum wondered if she was unreasonable, but many commenters on the post were split.

Many of them said that as her son is only four, it's not unreasonable for her to send him to school in the stained shirt.

One person said: "Send him in the paint shirt, my god."

While another added: "What's the big deal if he has a stain on his white shirt? Uniforms never stay pristine, especially not at 4!"

A third wrote: "He's 4 years old, let him paint, let him enjoy life! Seriously, it honestly doesn't matter if his tops are a bit paint-stained."

However, other commenters wondered why the teacher hadn't given the little ones aprons to wear while painting.

The mum said her son had been wearing an apron, but had taken it off because he was "too hot".

She stated: "The first time my son said he was wearing an apron but he took it off because he was too hot, and then he got paint on his shirt. 

“The second time he had it on his collar, which the apron obviously must not cover."

Other Mumsnet uniforms thought that the mum was ridiculous to exclude her son from painting.

One user commented: “You would be very unreasonable to say he couldn't do painting!”

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Someone else agreed: “Stopping him painting is ridiculous”. 

Another person said: “As if you would rather deny your child paint than have them "look a mess". Cleanliness culture is toxic honestly.”

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