I've had over 12ml of filler in my lips – it’s cost me £3.3k but I don’t like how it looks, I’m absolutely fuming | The Sun

WHILE more and more women are opting for lip filler to get a plump pout, one woman has revealed that she has had over 12ml of filler injected into her lips, but still isn’t happy with how they look.

Beauty fan Zeyne Payden has amassed an impressive 50.9k followers and 1.6million likes on TikTok and recently took to the video sharing platform to open up on her lip filler journey. 

Zeyne is from Melbourne, Australia and explained that she has spent a whopping $6,000 [Australian dollars – £3,332] on lip filler, but is not impressed with how they look.

Not only is she not impressed, but she also claimed that lip filler was a "scam".

She said: “Can I just say lip filler is one of the biggest scams.

“You pay $550 [£305] for 2 weeks of lips and confidence. 

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“Also these aren't counting my 0.5 top ups lol.

“Lip filler should deffo start getting cheaper”.

In the clip, Zeyne shows off her lips during her lip filler journey, after each dose of filler.

Zeyne shares what her lips look like with a total of 12ml of lip filler, but the beauty fan claimed that she has actually had more filler than this, as she has had multiple tip-ups with 0.5ml of lip filler injected each time.

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While after 12ml of filler Zeyne’s lips do look bigger than before her lip filler journey, she explained that she is fuming that her lips have barely changed and aren’t as big as she would like, despite having spent thousands on beauty procedures.

The beauty fan’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 2.3million views.

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It has 222.7k likes, 1,347 comments and 1,147 shares.

TikTok users were left open-mouthed at the size of Zeyne’s lips and were shocked that her lips weren’t bigger after having so much filler injected into them. 

Many also advised Zeyne to go to a difference beautician.

One person said: “It looks super natural on you girl”.

Another added: “I see like no difference” to which Zeyne replied “SAME AND IT MAKES ME ANGRY $6000 LATER”. 

A third commented: “Go to a better injector girl, my 1ml lasted 6 months” to which Zeyne said “I’ve been to the best places and nothing changes”. 

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Whilst someone else noted: “They're not even changing” to which the beauty fan confirmed “Makes me so mad”.

Meanwhile, one beauty fan claimed: "Noo I have used only 1.2ml and they look bigger than yours".

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