I’ve told my bridesmaids to buy their own dresses – everyone says I’m rude but I don't care, I’ve got enough to pay for | The Sun

A BRIDE has been branded "rude" for making her bridesmaids buy their own wedding dresses.

The woman has been crunching numbers for her big day and is struggling to sit to her budget.

In a bid to cut costs, she asked her bridal party to fork out for their own frocks.

But she wasn't prepared for the backlash she would face.

Posting on social media, the bride asked: "Is it rude to ask your bridesmaids to buy their own dresses?

"I personally think the bride and groom have enough to pay for as it is."

People who responded to the question have all insisted the couple should pay for the dresses.

One said: "My personal opinion – I think it’s rude to expect them to pay for dresses if you are telling them what dress you want them to wear.

"When I asked my bridesmaids I paid for their dresses.

"End of the day it was me who wanted them as a part of it."

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A second agreed: "It’s not necessarily something they would pick themselves or want to buy or wear again, so they shouldn’t be out of pocket for it."

A third wrote: "If you wish them to be part of your wedding party, you pay the dresses."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "The bride and groom should pay. They do have a lot to pay for 100% but that’s just what happens when you decide to get married. 

"If you want people to be part of your day then you should cover the expenses."

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