James Charles Attends Kylie Skin Launch After Kylie Jenner Unfollowed Him Amid YouTube Drama

James Charles appears to be back on good terms with the Kardashian-Jenner family after his YouTube drama with ex-friend Tati Westbrook blew up the internet last week.

The 19-year-old YouTube beauty guru stepped out for his first public appearance since the scandal to celebrate the launch of Kylie Jenner‘s debut skincare collection, Kylie Skin. At Kylie’s request to all attendees, Charles dressed in head-to-toe pink, wearing a plunging pastel blazer with no shirt underneath, straight leg pastel pants, sneakers and a diamond choker necklace.

Although Jenner reportedly unfollowed Charles after news of his feud with Westbrook broke, including allegations that he has sexually harassed and manipulated straight men, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star decided to still invite him to her event after the YouTuber released a 41-minute video titled “No More Lies,” that clarified all the allegations.

During the party, Charles snapped a selfie with “momager” Kris Jenner, though it was unclear whether or not he interacted with Kylie too.

Charles seemed to be in positive spirits as he posted dramatically in a mirror and laid in a bathtub for his 15.3 million Instagram followers to see on his Instagram Story.

Charles first made headlines in April when he posted a sponsored advertisement from Coachella for Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, a competitor to Westbrook’s own supplement brand, Halo Beauty. In her immediate response, which was shared on Instagram, Westbrook said she felt “betrayed” and “lost,” without naming Charles directly.

Charles attempted to apologize with his own statement on Instagram, but Westbrook wasn’t having it — especially after Charles’ friend Gabriel Zamora posted a YouTube rant calling her “fraudulent.”

In her response video, Westbrook accused Charles of being unsupportive, attacked him for spreading lies about her, slammed him for alleged comments he made about other beauty influencers and claimed he had a habit of sexually harassing straight men.

A few days later, Charles fired back at Westbrook in a lengthy video post of his own where he began, “Before I say anything at all, in this video I want to make it very very clear that everything I said in that video in regards to my sentiments towards Tati and my apology, I stand behind one hundred percent.”

The former CoverGirl Ambassador went on to address Westbrook’s second video, in which she called for “the hate to stop,” as well as recent comments of a similar nature by fellow YouTuber Jeffree Star, who had also gotten involved in the feud.

Praising them both for “taking some of the responsibility for blowing this whole thing up and starting everything,” Charles thanked both of the content creators for “trying to redirect the hate away, because I think we’re all aware at this point that it has gotten way too far.”

He also addressed Westbrook’s claims that he had a habit of sexually harassing straight men, saying, “I have never and would never and will never use my fame, money or power to manipulate or get any sexual actions from a guy. That is disgusting. It is not me and the fact that Tati brought this up blows my mind.”

Westbrook later explained via Twitter that she was ready to move on — and urged her fans to do the same.

“I have been in contact with James Charles through an intermediary over the last week, and we believe that it is the best interest of our community, our viewers and our own mental health to put this matter to a rest,” she began the lengthy note she shared on Twitter. “For that reason, I will not be making any further public comments and I hope and pray that no one else will make anymore hurtful statements on my behalf.”

“In my original video, I felt the need to publicly breakup with James with a warning call loud enough for him to hear,” she continued. “I was attempting to explain my upset and concerns so that everyone would understand my position and end the speculation that it was all over vitamins.”

“Over the last eight years, I built my career based on honesty, integrity and trying my best to do what I thought was right,” Westbrook went on. “The toxicity and chaos that ensued over the last 10 days was absolutely not my goal, as it was a fight I was almost certain to lose.”

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