Jean ‘speedos’ are here to ruin summer

Denim diapers are still making a splash.

Shinesty, the kooky etailer that creates “wearable aphrodisiacs,” has crafted “The Daytona Dong Sarong Jeado Swim Brief,” aka a jean-printed, speedo-like creation. (Yes, they’re chafe-less and waterproof, in case you were wondering.)

The Speedo-style briefs, which cost $39.99, are also fully lined with elastic waistband and drawstring — and run quite tight.

They’re available for pre-order and will ship in September, meaning they won’t arrive in time for prime beach season. What a bum-mer!

Apparently, daring dudes have been snapping up these nutty bottoms left and right: the light blue “assid” version is currently sold out, while the black acid wash style only has smalls left.

Horrified by the thought of exposing your man buns to the world? Well, the saucy site is calling your bluff — hard.

“It is like eating a bag of chips in church. Everyone looks over at you with disgust, but deep down they want some too,” says the product description. “These should be paired with caterpillar-style mustaches for optimal results.”

Talk about a ballsy look.

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