Jersey Shore star Jenni 'JWoww' Farley's stunning transformation – from two confirmed boob jobs to face fillers

AFTER being in front of the cameras for more than years, it's no surprise that Jersey Shore fans have seen the cast's look transform – some more than others.

Aside from Angelina Pivarnick, who looks almost unrecognizable these days, JWoww has changed incredibly – though she still claims that the only procedures she's had done have been two boob jobs, lip fillers, and Botox.



When Jenni first stepped in front of the cameras, she was just 23 years old and she dreamed of becoming an animator for Disney or Pixar.

However, things changed as she auditioned to be part of the Jersey Shore cast, a show that is still running to this day.

Back then, Jenni claimed that whenever she was done with a guy, she would bite their heads off – and she proved to be the one to look out for as she was not afraid to swing her fist against men or women alike.

The stunning cast mate rocked her hair dark with side sweep bangs, and still enjoyed tanning obsessively.

At this point, the Jersey Shore cast had already undergone a breast augmentation surgery as she went from a B cup to a F cup.



By 2010, Jenni had begun to experiment with her hair color as she went redhead for a few months.

She first began doing steaks in her hair before dyeing it completely.

The bombshell also slimmed down as her face seemed more sculptured.



By this year, Jenni opted for a more subtle and sophisticated style as she stopped rocking icy-looking eyeshadow and her wardrobe consisted of darker and classic pieces.

She also got rid of the side-swept bangs.



In 2014, Jenni gave birth to her first child with now-ex husband Roger, whom she met on the Jersey Shore.

The star kept a more natural look at this point and had yet to undergo any type of cosmetic procedures.

The only difference at this point was that she had treaded her red hair for blonde highlights.



Following the birth of her daughter Meilani, Radar Online wrote that it was possible the star got more than just baby weight on her face as she looked plumper and smoother.

It's possible that she also changed the shape of her eyebrows with the Botox as she looked to have a more awake look to her eyes.



By this year, Jenni was a mom of two and she looked absolutely amazing.

The Jersey Shore star sowed off a slimmer nose, though she claims it's her original nose, a more chiseled face, and plumper cheeks which could be the work of fillers.

Her lips also looked plumper and more shapely, which could be the work of lip fillers.

Additionally, she had undergone a second boob job to remove the old implants and put in new ones.

She had claimed that after breastfeeding two kids, she was unhappy with her breasts and was encouraged by her husband Roger to get new ones.

To this day, Jenni only confirms she's had two breast surgeries and fillers.



By 2019, Jenni had shaded more weight from her life: her husband, as they divorced after years of unhappiness.

At this time, she rocked some of her most daring outfits and looks as she showed him what he was missing on.

She also slimmed down throughout most of her body, which could have been due to the custody war she had with her now-ex.



In 2020, Jenni's face had shifted once more with rumors that she had gotten cheek fillers.

The apple of her cheeks seemed fuller, while the rest of her face looked slimmer – a tale-tell sign that she had gotten some cosmetic procedure done.

The timing would have been great as the world shut down in 2020 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.



 This year, the star has been accused of looking too different as she now has added more lip fillers to create a Kylie Jenner-like pout.

Her eyes look brighter and more open as well, hinting that she has kept up the Botox injections.

Jenni is also now engaged to her boyfriend, Zack.

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