Kate Middleton grey hair: Does the Duchess of Cambridge dye her hair?

Kate Middleton is 'Queen Bee' says royal insider

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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband Prince William have spent years perfecting their public image, as the Duke prepares to one day take the crown. Maintaining that image is one of the many duties the couple has to juggle in their royal life, and, as a style icon, the public has long sought insight into Kate’s daily routine. As with many women in the public eye, she frequently experiments with her hair, changing both style and colour.

Does Kate Middleton dye her hair?

Most people who aren’t royal obsessives may not notice, but the Duchess regularly changes her hair.

She often debuts fresh hairstyles for royal events, with the most recent notable change in mid-October.

Kate stepped out with her husband for the Earthshot Prize Awards on October 17 and showed off a slightly lighter tint than usual.

Onlookers may have noticed a few caramel highlights amongst her cascading locks for the occasion.

Pictures from other events show the royal rarely deviates far from her natural brown.

But sometimes, she lets her roots show, as she caused a stir a few years ago while pregnant.

In February 2015, photographers snapped pictures of a few grew roots under a loose bun during a charity appearance.

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Former royal stylist Nicky Clarke told the Daily Mail she needed to “get rid” of the greys, as they weren’t “a good look”.

He claimed “all women” can’t “be seen to have any grey hairs” until they are “really old”.

Mr Clarke faced immediate criticism for his comments, which some viewed as offensive to women.

In response, Marie Claire beauty editor Suzanne Scott asked why people were “still making a big deal about women sporting a few grey hairs”.

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She added that women go grey “just like men”, but they have to suffer through being “picked on” for it.

Ms Scott argued greys were not Kate’s “biggest problem” at the time.

There was likely a practical reason behind the Duchess’s decision to lay off hair dye.

At the time, she was six months pregnant, and research has associated dye with potential ill effects for developing children.

Studies have shown that skin absorbs some of the toxic chemicals contained in consumer dyes.

These can pass through the bloodstream and to the foetus, potentially causing developmental issues.

Although doctors believe dying hair is safe during pregnancy, the lack of available evidence supporting this often sees women carry on with caution.

Since those photos in 2015, the Duchess has stepped out several times with her roots on show, demonstrating she was unfazed by the media coverage.

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