Keep Your Kicks Safe With Off-White™'s Signature Shoe Cover

With the onslaught of winter weather each year, sneakerheads run the risk of destroying their prized shoes by stepping out in their rare Nike collaborations or luxury sneakers. For those unwilling to stray from sneakers despite the inclement environs, there’s salvation to be found in Off-White™’s logo-laden shoe cover.

Ideal for those seeking to stunt but not willing to tempt fate in transit, the humble shoe cover is an ideal solution. Off-White™’s take on the rubberized design keeps in line with the usual makeups, shaping a silicone base into a foot-shaped design that can wrap nearly any style of shoe. The semi-opaque outer keeps moisture and debris out, but allows for a peek at the sneaks inside. Of course, it wouldn’t be worth the investment if it didn’t have some air of opulence; this is achieved by the Off-White™ branding printed atop either side of the silicone shell in stark, unmistakable blue.

Pick up one of the special silicone shoe covers on Off-White™’s website for $85 USD apiece.

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