Location Location Location viewers slam couple with £800k budget who reject all three properties claiming there isn’t enough room for a play pen

VIEWERS were left baffled by a young couple who rejected all three properties they were shown on Location Location Location on Channel 4.

Sam and Andy, who had a budget of £800,000 for their family home, listed lack of space for a play pen and not enough reception rooms as reasons to pass on the houses.

The couple were searching for a four-bed property in the area of Solihull, with a large outdoor space for their baby daughter Evie and their dog Bracken, on last night's episode.

However, it quickly became apparent to Kirstie and Phil that they were dealing with some fussy customers.

Showing them what Phil described as their “ideal” property in the nearby village of Balsall Common, he was convinced he had found them their perfect home.

The grade two listed property boasts five bedrooms, a garden room, two bathrooms, a workshop, a playroom and a dining room.

And at £775,000 it comes in under budget, however, Sam is not happy.

Speaking to Kirstie she said: “It’s a very nice house but what I was hoping for was either space to put a play pen, just space really for Evie to be in here especially when she starts moving around.”

And a baffled Phil said: “This house is ideal and they should just move in and get it done.”

Viewers were quick to air their opinions on Twitter, slamming the couple for complaining there wasn’t a space for a play pen.


One wrote: “’No room for a playpen?’ Good grief, it’s a ruddy mansion! Why on earth does this tiny family want such a huge house anyway?”

Another agreed adding: “Nowhere to put a Playpen!?… oh do p*** off.”

A third tweeted: “No room for a play pen? First world problems – how do the presenters keep a straight face?”

Phil attempted to show the couple, who are both vets, two further properties, however, these proved equally unsuccessful.

The first property was in the area of Barston, a ten minute commute to Solihull was under budget at £700,000.

Andy and Sam had considered it previously, but after visiting it they decided that it wasn’t for them.

Andy told Phil: “We’re just not feeling it. Would we be excited walking through the door every evening? Probably not.”

At 6ft 3 Andy proved too tall for the second property, which again was under budget at £700,000.

Following the fruitless search the couple came to the decision that they would wait longer to find their perfect family home.

Sam explained: “I think we’ll probably give it a little bit longer save up a little bit more as well whether that’s to do work on a cheaper property or to increase the budget a little bit.

“Yes we’re renting yes we want to move yes we want Evie a home but we also want it to be the right home, we’re nearly there.”

Two months later the couple finally did find their forever home. A four bed property in a nearby area, with the couple stretching their budget to £825,000 to secure it.

A delighted Sam says: “It’s got the right number of reception rooms exactly the layout we were after.”

Location, Location, Location airs on Wednesday nights at 8pm on Channel 4, catch up now on All 4.

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