Love Islanders it’s time to let it go – no one wants to see your badly-fitting bras

IT was a joy to ping off our bras and throw on comfy sweatshirts in the early days of lockdown.

But this summer, celebs have taken to letting their breasts hang out once more.

Yep, The Underboob is back.

The unforgiving part of your boob that slips out where it doesn’t belong is now a trend, with twentysomethings such as Bella Hadid, Lottie Moss and Roxy Horner showing off theirs in their ill-fitting swimwear.

And of course Love Islanders are there too, with The Underboob Bikini, as sported by Sharon Gaffka, the breakout star of this year’s series so far.


It won’t be long until every woman under 30 is encouraging her girls to escape from underneath bikinis, bras and boob tubes.

You remember the old gag you’d hear as you wore your short skirt or tight top as a teen?

“Did it shrink in the wash, love?”

We’d roll our eyes at the old folk who didn’t understand what it was to be trendy.

Well now, at the grand old age of 31, I hear myself asking if these youngsters’ cozzies have shrunk in the pool.

And it doesn’t stop at swimwear — or twentysomethings.

Supermodel Heidi Klum, 48, showed off the lower part of her breasts in a cut-off Germany football top when her home team played France in the first round of the Euros.

Meanwhile, singer Rita Ora, 30, has even showed off her underboob in a jumpsuit — using a meticulously placed slit to reveal it.

Going braless with the aim of showing off the bottom half of the bust creeping out from under clobber might be on-trend on some warped fashion planet, but to me it looks like you’ve simply bust out of your outfit.

Either that, or you just forgot how to get dressed properly. Neither of which is a good look, let’s be honest.

And you don’t have to take my word for it.

Back in 2018 the devil in Prada herself, Anna Wintour, declared: “If you do it you’re a fashion mess who looks desperate and ridiculous.”

For decades we’ve done our best to hoist our boobs up for a pert cleavage. Kim Kardashian even brought out her own boob-tape to hold her bust up high.

So why let them flop now?

When you get fitted for a bra, the specialist will check there’s no overspill and no underspill seeping out from the cups.

If there is, it means it doesn’t fit. Take note, celebs.

A bra is designed to support your breasts in place, for comfort and to protect their health.

Showing the underboob in a badly fitting bikini — whether it has been designed that way or not — or going bra-free under your skimpy, child-sized tee, is the same, if not worse, than wearing the wrong size bra.

If you do it you’re a fashion mess who looks desperate and ridiculous.

It can stretch and displace breast tissue. And let’s not forget the inevitable sagging.

So while these celebs are baring all with their perfectly pert busts, gravity will be at work and in a few years’ time they’ll be doing breast exercises every day or looking for an industrial-quality lift.

And regardless of all the physical reasons to keep the bottom half of your bosom supported, quite simply, The Underboob does not look good.

Can you imagine in decades to come fashionistas reminiscing about the “iconic” boob-buster tops or the “trailblazing” bottom half of the breast cleavage? No.

Just like sweaters tied around necks, T-shirts over long-sleeve tops and skirts over trousers, The Underboob top serves absolutely no purpose.

Room 101, please. Immediately.

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