Meghan Markle latest news – Prince Harry and Duchess' made 'dangerous' comment about Queen to Oprah that nobody noticed

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle have made a "dangerous" allegation about the Queen that royal fans have barely even noticed, it's claimed.

While the royals are shocked about the couple's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey "they are also concerned by one particularly dangerous accusation that has, so far, been little-noticed," the Mail on Sunday said.

"This was the insinuation by the Sussexes to Oprah that there is some sort of distinction between the Queen – whom they have been at pains to say is blameless – and the institution of Monarchy itself."

It comes amid claims Prince William will miss Prince Harry "forever" despite their furious fallout over Megxit.

The Duke of Cambridge is said to be angry with Harry and Meghan over their “insulting and disrespectful” reaction to the Queen’s ban on them using the word “royal” in their new ventures.

Sources claimed William felt the couple had betrayed Her Majesty over the setting up of their Sussex Royal website as they took steps towards Megxit.

When the brothers went for a long walk to try to clear the air after the “Sandringham Summit” Megxit deal in January last year, it was claimed they they “did not part shores as friends”.

It comes amid claims unseen clips of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's explosive tell-all chat with Oprah Winfrey could air on ITV.

The explosive interview, which was watched by 12.4million viewers when it first aired in the UK, made a series of fierce revelations about the Royal Family.

Now ITV want to show more unseen footage of the bombshell interview.

More than 90 minutes of footage has yet to have been broadcast, and the palace fear it could feature more groundbreaking revelations.

An industry source told the Sunday People: “There is a lot of interest in showing the interview in full.

“The original programme was the biggest show of the year so far in the UK and was bought by firms around the world.

“Showing more of it would be a guaranteed ratings winner."

For full details and analysis of the sensational interview, follow our live blog below.

  • Niamh Cavanagh


    Ms St-Laurent took on the role of director at Archewell in April 2020 but left after just one year.

    There has not yet been a statement on why she no longer works for Harry and Meghan, but rumours abound that James Holt, their UK rep, is coming to the US.

    Despite leaving Archewell, multilingual Ms St-Laurent's Linkedin page still reads: "I am currently acting as Chief of Staff to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex as well as Executive Director of their non-profit, Archewell Foundation."

    At the time of Ms St-Laurent's appointment last year, Meghan and Harry said: "We are proud to be joined by Catherine St-Laurent in this next chapter with us.

    "Her leadership and proven track record working within two organisations that have tremendous impact in the world – the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Pivotal Ventures – make her an incredible asset and we’re excited to have her on our team."

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    Oprah Winfrey's best friend Gayle King has labelled the Royal Family's planned hiring of a diversity chief a "fallout" PR stunt.

    The CBS News presenter was speaking after it was reported the Queen is set to appoint a new diversity tsar to help modernize the British monarchy.

    During a discussion on This Morning, Gayle said: "It will be curious to see the kind of person they choose" before quickly adding "it seems like fallout to me.

    "I know you are saying development but it does kind of feel like fallout."

    Gayle and Oprah's close-knit relationship is legendary and dates back more than 40 years to when they first met as young journalists.

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    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed Arche, the Greek word meaning source of action, was also the inspiration behind the name of their son Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, who turned one on May 6.

    "We connected to this concept for the charitable organization we hoped to build one day, and it became the inspiration for our son's name," they told The Daily Telegraph. "To do something of meaning, to do something that matters.

    "Archewell is a name that combines an ancient word for strength and action, and another that evokes the deep resources we each must draw upon.”

  • Niamh Cavanagh


    Meghan and Harry have created a non-profit organisation called Archewell, as their big venture post-royal duties. 

    The non-profit aims to offer "classes, lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, and retreats on a variety of topics," run a mentoring scheme, or conduct and host "events and exhibitions for cultural, sporting, health, mental health and entertainment purposes.” The website launched on New Year's Eve 2020 and couple included sweet black-and-white photos of them with their mothers as they called for "compassion" in an open letter.

    It also has the potential to self-publish articles, magazines, books, music, podcasts, television shows, and computer software. Meghan and Harry confirmed plans for their charity last April and said they "look forward" to getting back to work after ditching their Sussex Royal brand.

    After just one year of working for the Duke and Duchess, it was revealed today that Archewell's director Catherine St-Laurent has already stepped down.

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    As well as granting ANL time to seek permission to appeal, the judge ruled The Mail On Sunday could publish a smaller front-page apology than the one she asked for.

    The Duchess wanted an apology similar in size and scale to an original front-page trailer about the letter. But today a judge ruled in favour of the paper after studying a proposed mock-up page.

    “If the statement was printed in the same font as the trailer it would consume a much, much greater proportion of the front page, becoming the main story of the day, or significantly downgrading that news story,” Lord Justice Warby said in a ruling.

    The mock-up seemed to be “sufficiently prominent and eye-catching”, said the judge. But the apology doesn't have to be printed yet – as ANL are heading to the Court of Appeal in a bid to have the order overturned

  • Niamh Cavanagh


    • A judge told The Mail On Sunday and MailOnline to publish an apology to Meghan Markle after she won the latest round of her privacy battle earlier this month
    • The same judge said the paper's publisher ANL couldn't appeal his ruling
    • However, ANL went directly to the Court of Appeal – and the judge has today said the apology will be postponed to allow lawyers time to try to overturn the decision
    • Meghan, 39, demanded an apology after suing ANL over a series of articles which reproduced parts of a letter sent to her dad Thomas Markle. Last month, she won that part of her case against the publisher
    • But today, the Mail has won the right to use a smaller typeface in the front page notice – and because of their appeal, that apology won't be published yet


    The arrival of Kate Middleton's niece is a "welcome distraction", a royal expert has claimed.

    The Duchess of Cambridge's sister Pippa welcomed her daughter Grace Elizabeth Jane last week.

    Royal expert Katie Nicholl told OK! magazine that Pippa's new arrival is a "welcome distraction" for Kate in what has been a "difficult few weeks".

    “It’s really put a smile back on her face," she said.


    Piers Morgan has made a fresh dig at Meghan Markle after her claim that the couple tied the knot three days before their wedding was blown apart.

    The 55-year-old took to Twitter to blast the Duchess of Sussex after their wedding certificate showed they were legally married on 19 May, 2018, at Windsor Castle.

    Piers, who quit Good Morning Britain earlier this month after clashing live on air with weatherman Alex Beresford over Meghan's CBS interview, chimed in on the debate.

    "Do we still have to believe her?" he wrote on Twitter, reposting a headline that detailed blowing apart "Harry and Meghan's claims that they wed in secret".


    Piers Morgan confirmed he is “staying at ITV” for his Life Stories series and announced he is “filming more soon”.

    The presenter left his fans in a flap after they assumed Piers would also jack in his successful chat show with celebrities after his departure from Good Morning Britain.

    The broadcaster released a statement after he branded Meghan Markle a liar while discussing the Duchesses admission that she felt suicidal during her pregnancy with Archie during her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

    The brief explanation read: "Following discussions with ITV, Piers Morgan has decided now is the time to leave Good Morning Britain. ITV has accepted this decision and has nothing further to add."

    But he replied to one concerned Twitter follower who praised the “great show”, “Thanks Andrew – don’t worry, I’m filming some more soon.”

    • Olivia Burke


      The Mail on Sunday must publish its apology to Meghan Markle either this Sunday or next Sunday – but can publish a smaller one than her legal team had requested.

      ITV's Royal Editor Chris Ship explained in a tweet, "Meghan wanted an apology similar in size and scale to the original story about her letter to her father, Thomas Markle, on the newspaper's front page.

      He added: "There will a FURTHER hearing to decide the account of profits that the Mail on Sunday should pay Meghan in damages for breaching her privacy by publishing her letter to her father."

    • Olivia Burke


      Buckingham Palace is considering whether to appoint a diversity chief to oversee issues in the wake of allegations of racism within the institution.

      According to Sky News, HR bosses and the team that organises the day-to-day runnings for the Firm are considering the move.

      The allegations are said to have been taken "very seriously across the royal households."

      "We have the policies, the procedures and programmes in place but we haven't seen the progress we would like in terms of representation – and accept more needs to be done. We can always improve," the source added.

    • Olivia Burke


      Petitions to reinstate Piers Morgan to GMB have acquired a whopping 360,000 signatures, as the breakfast shows TV ratings plummet.

      Five petitions have been created asking for the 55-year-old’s return, and the most popular one boasts 155,000 supporters.

      His dramatic exit came after his coverage of Meghan and Harry's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

      One titled, “Keep Piers Morgan on GMB for this common sense approach to life” is heading in the right direction for its 200,000 target.

    • Niamh Cavanagh


      Meghan Markle could face a fresh High Court privacy battle after a judge allowed a newspaper time to appeal against her victory over the publication of a letter to her dad.

      The royal was set to receive an apology after the judge ruled a national paper breached her privacy when it printed extracts of a five-page letter she'd written to Thomas Markle.

      But now she'll face a wait – after The Mail On Sunday was told it can seek permission to appeal the decision.

      The paper had been ordered to print a front-page statement about Meghan's victory earlier this month.

      But that's now on hold to allow the newspaper's publisher Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) to make a bid to overturn the ruling.

    • Niamh Cavanagh


      A third wrote: “When you order Meghan from Wish  #thismorning.”

      While a fourth joked: “Poundland Meghan lookalike  #thismorning.”

      Sarah Mhlanga, who was told she looked like Meghan for the first time in Ikea, admitted that work had dried up since the interview, which saw Meghan and Harry make a series of bombshell revelations.

      She said: "I would never say it was that lucrative, it's mainly a hobby and a chance for me to exercise my skills, but after the interview there definitely was less gigs."

      And she found that she was getting trolled, saying:  "I started a podcast a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my resemblance to Meghan and the similarities we have and just after I started to get messages saying, 'She's just an attention seeker, I hate her, she's horrible, she's a menace, we've never liked her,' and that really hurt me.

      "Although we're different people, I still represent her, I still play her. I'm a mother as well, and I thought it was something horrible to say to a woman."

    • Niamh Cavanagh


      This Morning viewers were left in hysterics today as Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby interviewed four Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lookalikes.

      The impersonators appeared on the show to discuss how their work has been affected since the couple’s now-infamous interview with Oprah earlier this month – but those watching at home weren’t convinced by them.

      In fact, fans took to Twitter discuss how little they looked like the pair – branding them ‘Poundland’ versions.

      One person wrote: “#ThisMorning “lookalikes” taking very loosely here. Look nothing like them.”

      A second asked: “Do you class a look alike just on if they have the same hair colour… ?#ThisMorning.”

    • Niamh Cavanagh


      Sharon, wed to rocker Ozzy, 72, has denied all the claims but The Talk was put on hiatus by network CBS while they are investigated.

      And Sharon has insisted she will not step down, telling pals she will only leave if she gets an eight-figure pay-off.

      A source close to her said: “She is furious about the slew of accusations made about her and is refusing to bow to the mounting pressure to leave.

      “As far as she is concerned, she apologised over the on-air debate and hasn’t done anything else wrong.

      “She has a contract and they will have to pay her off if they want her to leave and that will cost them tens of millions. If bosses expect her to go quietly, they have got another thing coming.

      “It has formed a rift behind the scenes of the show but Sharon has made it crystal clear that she wants to put this behind her and carry on.”

    • Niamh Cavanagh


      Under-fire star Sharon Osbourne says US TV chiefs will have to pay her tens of millions if they want to force her to quit.

      Sharon, 68, has been hit by a string of allegations of racism and mistreatment in the last week that have seen her TV show The Talk taken off air amid an investigation.

      The problems began after Sharon defended Piers Morgan on air following his comments about Meghan Markle on Good Morning Britain.

      During the heated discussion, Sharon attempted to dismiss co-star Sheryl Underwood, who had accused her of standing by Morgan’s “racist stance”.

      She later issued a lengthy apology on Twitter and said she panicked over the suggestion she might be racist.

    • Niamh Cavanagh


      Piers Morgan has accused Meghan Markle of lying about her secret wedding to Prince Harry three days before their televised wedding in Windsor.

      Posting to Twitter today, the ex-GMB host wrote: "Do we still believe her?" referencing a Mail Online article about the royal couple's wedding.

    • Niamh Cavanagh


      The Queen will have 10 great grandchildren once Meghan and Harry give birth to their second child.

      • Savannah Philips, 10, grandchild of Princess Anne
      • Isla Philips, 8, grandchild of Princess Anne
      • Prince George, 7, son of Prince William
      • Mia Tindall, 7, grandchild of Princess Anne
      • Princess Charlotte, 5, daughter of Prince William
      • Prince Louis, 2, son of Prince William
      • Lena Tindall, 2, granddaughter of Princess Anne
      • Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, 1, son of Prince Harry
      • August Philip Brooksbank, 1 month, son of Princess Eugenie


      A Royal source said: “Diversity is an issue which has been taken very seriously across the Royal Households.

      “We have the policies, the procedures and programmes in place but we haven’t seen the progress we would like and more needs to be done, we can always improve.

      “The work to do this has been underway for some time now and comes with the full support of the family.

      “Lots of measures are being considered. Certainly, the idea of someone to spearhead this work and look at diversity/inclusion across the three households is something that has to be considered.”  


      The Queen is reportedly set to appoint a diversity tsar to modernise the monarchy.

      Sources said the move would show that "more needs to be done" after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made claims of racism in the Royal Family, the Mail on Sunday reported.

      Aides at Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace will take part in a "listen and learn" exercise in the next few weeks.

      The exercise will reportedly involve the Palace "seeking independent views" about how the Royal Family can improve its approach to diversity.

      • Niamh Cavanagh

        OH BROTHER

        Prince William will miss Prince Harry "forever" despite their furious fallout over Megxit, it has been reported.

        The Duke of Cambridge was said to be angry with Harry and Meghan over their “insulting and disrespectful” reaction to the Queen’s ban on them using the word “royal” in their new ventures.

        Sources claimed William felt the couple had betrayed Her Majesty over the setting up of their Sussex Royal website as they took steps towards Megxit.

        When the brothers went for a long walk to try to clear the air after the “Sandringham Summit” Megxit deal in January last year, it was claimed they “did not part shores as friends”.

      • Niamh Cavanagh

        LOOK HEIR

        Prince William's charity boss pal has insisted the future king is not racist after Meghan and Harry's Oprah interview claims.

        Seyi Obakin spent the night sleeping rough with the Duke of Cambridge in London 12 years ago and has considered him a friend ever since.

        The chief executive of Centrepoint, a charity which supports homeless young people and of which William is patron, once camped out in secret with the Duke so he could experience sleeping rough.

        And he has insisted the Duke is not racist. "I have never seen a hint of racism," Mr Obakin told The Telegraph. "Never."

        "I have worked with him in close proximity for years. He has met my family. He’s never treated us with anything other than decency, dignity and respect."

      • Niamh Cavanagh

        CAN'T STOP ME

        Piers Morgan delivered a stinging message for critics who were celebrating his 'downfall' yesterday.

        The 55-year-old star, who quit Good Morning Britain rather than apologise to Meghan Markle, revealed his book is surging up the charts.

        Piers blew a kiss to his haters as he suggested the news would have them choking on their breakfasts as the charts were revealed yesterday.

        He tweeted: "Great to see Wake Up back in the Sunday Times best-seller chart for the first time in 10 weeks & at its highest ever position.

        "I continue to be staggered by all the support I’m getting. Thank you! (And to all those still gleefully celebrating my ‘demise’, mwah ?)."

      • Niamh Cavanagh


        Prince Harry and Meghan made a "dangerous" allegation against the Queen that went unnoticed during the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Mail on Sunday said.

        "They are also concerned by one particularly dangerous accusation that has, so far, been little-noticed.

        "This was the insinuation by the Sussexes to Oprah that there is some sort of distinction between the Queen – whom they have been at pains to say is blameless – and the institution of Monarchy itself."

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