Meghan Markle wears all-white for a reason – ‘definitely symbolism’

Prince Harry and Meghan step out to accept Ripple of Hope Award

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Meghan Markle’s wardrobe is certainly an enviable one and the Duchess never fails to impress when it comes to fashion. However, Personal Stylist and Image Coach Melissa Lund told that her outfits are not only style, but “symbolism” too.

The Duchess of Sussex stepped out last night at the Human Rights Ripple Of Hope Gala.

The royal wore a stunning off-the-shoulder white dress by iconic French fashion house Louis Vuitton and black leather pumps by the same designer.

The stunning piece nipped the beautiful royal in at the waist and a slit up the middle unveiled her enviable legs.

Just one day before, a trailer was released for Harry & Meghan, the couple’s upcoming Netflix documentary.

Again, Meghan opted for white, in fact in one clip, this was the only colour she wore.

The Duchess opted for a thin white blouse, white trousers and even white polish on her nails.

Earlier this year, Meghan made an appearance in the UK for the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

For the National Service of Thanksgiving on June 3, Meghan was yet again kitted in head-to-toe greige – an off white. 

She stunned in a glamorous white Dior Haute Couture Trench Coat, pairing it with a cartwheel hat, gloves, clutch and pointed-toe pumps all in the same colour.

But why does Meghan repeatedly go for this statement block colour look? Is it a stylistic decision or rather, symbolic?

Melissa told “I think Meghan likes white and looks good in it but there’s definitely some symbolism behind her choice.

The expert first explained that “white is associated with purity, peace and clarity”.

“I think she’s trying to show that she has a new life now (rebirth) and she’s also trying to appear regal – a slight dichotomy I know, but she’s still got her title.

“Clarity can be interpreted as clarity of mind and knowing what you’re talking about and I imagine she wants people to take her humanitarianism efforts seriously. At last night’s Ripple of Hope awards ceremony, white was the perfect colour.”

Ripple of Hope awards recognises those who are moving the world forward in equity, justice and human rights.

Melissa continued: “Her choice of white Dior for the Platinum Jubilee was I think a sign that she was saying that she’d moved on.

“It is also worth noting that white is the ultimate soft power colour.”

In addition to the messages Meghan might want to portray to others, the colour white hints to her high social status, according to the expert.

Melissa said: “It’s a regal colour and most definitely a rich lady colour – not made for sticky children’s fingers or.public transport!

“It’s not a sustainable colour either in the sense that white clothes get filthy really quickly and there comes a point where – however you’re cleaning them – they just refuse to get clean.”

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