Messy room brain-teaser leaves viewers stumped – so can YOU find the hidden dog in six seconds? | The Sun

VIEWERS have been left totally stumped by this real life brain-teaser.

Somewhere in the snap is a hidden dog – but can you spot it him in just six seconds?

Any pet owner knows our furry friends can end up in the strangest places, but this pooch is hidden in plain sight.

Somewhere in the messy room the black dog is taking a little nap, but he blends in so well he's almost impossible to spot.

You might want to look on the bed or in the pile of laundry, but the pup won't be found there.

The dog won't be found under the desk or on either of the chairs either.


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Although the room is pretty messy, the dog isn't actually in any of the cluttered spots.

Do you want a clue?

If you can find the green dog lead you're looking in the right place.

Can you see the sleeping pooch yet?

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The sneaky dog can be found sleeping peacefully at the bottom of the arm chair.

And the green dog lead is right next to him.

The pup is so tricky to find since he blends in so well with the shoes and jeans he's curled up next to.

So how long did it take you to find the cheeky canine?

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