Mortified mum vacuums her mattress for the first time and shows off the disgusting amount of dead skin, dust and hair it contained

CONFESSION time: if there's one tedious household chore we hate above all else, it's got to be hoovering.

Well just when you thought you were getting away with vacuuming the floors of your home as little as possible, it turns out we're also supposed to be hoovering our MATTRESSES too.

After running her vacuum along her queen-sized mattress, an Australian mum was left so disgusted by the contents of her hoover that she shared it on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean.

Posting the horrifying photos of the build-up of dirt, hair and dead skin, the woman wrote: "Absolutely disgusted, embarrassed and shocked.

"Please don't crucify me, I just wanted to show everyone how much stuff can come from one queen sized mattress. I will definitely be vacuuming my mattress every time I change my sheets now."

Needless to say, other users were equally disgusted by the mum's realisation and added it to the top of their to-do list.

One replied: "I found the same! And we use a mattress protector…"

Another added: "I shudder at the thought of what would come out of a hotel mattress."

Meanwhile, a third made the grim joke: "Don't throw it out! You cold make a new skin with that."

However, another practical user recommended that the mum use baking soda to clean her filthy mattress and absorb moisture before hoovering. We know how we'll be spending our Friday evenings…

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